Why Anonymous Attack Israeli Site?

Anonymous hacker group grudges against the doings of Israel and the countries behind it seem irresistible again. Especially in the middle of the existing paradigm as if America and its allies in upholding human rights (human rights) in fact at the same time they legalized barbarity of Israel.

The concern is compounded when the media and the pro-Israel pro-western twist the facts as if Hamas makes women and children as human shields of the Israeli invasion. In fact Palestinians endlessly bombarded Israeli rockets sophisticated.

Quoted from the press release to read more here. Anonymous clearly put forward the basic logic of why they should take action with their abilities.

"What is happening in Palestine is oppression. They have no navy, no army or air force. There is no war in Gaza. There are only continuous application of military force by Israel in an effort to encourage everyone out of the Palestinian state, despite international law stating that it is illegal. This expansion of territory illegally by Israel to the Palestinians that had been underway since 1948, resulting in more than 700,000 Palestinians were displaced. Today, the Palestinians are not allowed to live in Israeli settlements, driving down Israel or even traveling in the area of ​​"security" that surrounds them. Israel's settlement construction only built on stolen land, and even been declared illegal by the International Court of Justice settlement. "

Moreover Anonymous said:

"Our goal is to protect the rights of the Palestinian people who are threatened with silence because Israel has made efforts to close the phone and internet services throughout Gaza. We know what happened to the victims of oppression when the lights go dark. "

At the end of the Anonymous press release confirms that they are not terrorists and the right labeling theorists said was not confined to Israel and the United States. "The government that funded the war, deceptive practices against their own citizens, forgive corruption, and a blind eye to the death of innocent people are terrorists. The word terrorism does not belong to Israel or the United States. We will judge you by your actions. Peace and freedom for all. "