From Solo : When the World Citizens Condemn Israeli Brutal Attack

The tragedy in the Gaza Strip again invited solidarity of the international community. Apart from the endless debate over who is to blame, whether the Israeli military and Hamas, attack that took place in Gaza in the past week have claimed the lives of many civilians, including children whose innocence.

Protests emerged in foreign countries. The protesters, though different styles and approaches, have the same attitude: any attack that kills the innocent and unarmed condemnable. Although hundreds of rockets hit back arguing Hamas from Gaza, Israeli air attacks since 14 November 2012 angered his part killed many civilians, including children of Palestine.

When public pressure from around the world growing stronger, the UN continued to seek an end to the brutal violence in Gaza by way of diplomacy. According to news station Al Jazeera, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon this week will visit Jerusalem and Ramallah, each of which is the capital of Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Secretary-General Ban purpose of the visit was to lobby the leaders of Israel and the Palestinians to end the crisis. Earlier, Ban had met with Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi, and expressed support to the President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, to be a mediator for peace talks Israel and Hamas.

This is an urgent task for the Secretary-General, considering the week, the number of civilian casualties in Gaza has exceeded one hundred souls. Not surprisingly, the activists in South Korea, leaders of the Jewish people in the United States, to school children in Indonesia voiced a similar stance: brutal attacks against Israel.

Israel mass media had already noted the anger of the act of brutal foreign military. Mass demonstrations to prayer takes place at several places since last weekend.

According pages - pages of the daily Yedioth Ahronoth - hundreds of protests in recent days have been held simultaneously not only in Islamic countries and countries whose Muslim majority. Residents in Australia, Italy, South Korea, Spain and others were compact voiced outrage over Israel, like their counterparts in the Arab world - as in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, and Algeria.

Ali Golin including a demonstration in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, on Friday. "I believe that all Muslims must show solidarity. All factions and differences only destroy our goals," said Golin told Ynet.

According to him, if you want to oppose Israel, all the people should be united. "We can not achieve anything just by criticizing Israel. We must take real action," said Golin, without elaborating further.

A resident of South Korea also expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people to participate berdemosntrasi outside the Israeli Embassy in Seoul. "You can not force the Palestinians are victims. You can not kill children everywhere," said the activist outside the Israeli embassy.

"Children are very valuable, both in Palestine and Israel. They should not be slaughtered. We call on the Israeli government to re-think clearly," he continued.

Similar Appeal raised an Australian woman while participating in a demonstration in the city of Sydney, Sylvia Hale. "Israel is implementing a policy that slaughtered many people in Gaza," said Hale, a former member of parliament representing the Green Party.

Most of the public in the United States also voiced the same sympathy. When the government expressed support for Israel, not a few of the people who criticized the military action of the Zionist state, which caused many casualties among civilians.

In an action that took place in New York City on Sunday, about 500 people protested on casualties among Palestinians. At that time, there was at least 70 Palestinians - including 20 children - were killed and 600 others injured.

There's even a Jewish leader who also condemned the Israeli action. According to The New York Times, a rabbi named Yisroel Dovid Weiss expressed sympathy for the Palestinians. "We are ashamed of the action is in progress represent our nation. Rather, we mourn the victims," ​​said Weiss.

Prayer Together

In Indonesia, children's elementary school to high school condemned the tragedy in Gaza. In Solo, for example, hundreds of students held a prayer together for action concern over incidents of assault Israeli soldiers against Palestinians.

Approximately 600 students ranging from elementary to high school at the Islamic Education Foundation Diponegoro Solo today gathered in the school auditorium to perform prayers, Tuesday, November 20, 2012. They also carried signs that said support and peace in Palestine.

Prayer begins with the declaration of a poem read by one of his students. Poetry action themed care and concern of Palestinian children.

After that, the event continued with video playback victim children and mothers who are victims of Israeli aggression.

The students saw a video dissolve in grief brutality Israeli soldiers who killed women and children of Palestine. Some students cried, could not see it.

After the screening, chanting prayers were being said. Fundraising was also held to be channeled to the Palestinian people through humanitarian agencies, Mer-C.

One of his students, Sania Fatima, said that he was very sad to see the action that led to the Israeli invasion of casualties among children.

"We're here should be very grateful, naturally not their sufferings., Therefore, that only we can do is pray and do fundraising," he said to us.

Chairman of the Foundation for Islamic Education Diponegero, As'adalwi said the event was done as a form of concern for the victims of Israel's military assault.

"We can not help with strength, but we can only help with prayer and fundraising," he said.

Meanwhile, dozens of elementary school students in Surabaya Takmiriyah staged a concern. While the prayers, they condemn Israel's military assault on Gaza, Palestine, which took the lives of women and children. Other actions, done with playing chess.

"The game of chess illustrates the tragedy in Gaza. And, no firm UN stance, did not dare to act to Israel," said Chief Student Affairs Halim Nur.

Another goal, to teach the students about the importance of negotiations without doing violence claiming many victims. These include providing understanding to the students to appreciate each other without attacking each other.

"We instill values ​​of peace so that future generations do not promote violence," he explained. A number of scenes starring the grade 1 to grade 5, the chess media posted signs reading "Save Palestine".

Then, with posters spread, crowds of students sitting cross-legged in the school yard. They offer prayers to manifest peace in Gaza and Israel is given a false consciousness of his actions.