Hitler Died in Indonesia?Latest facts about the skull of Hitler strengthen the theory that the Nazi leader was killed in bunker
German dictator, Adolf Hitler was believed to have committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin on April 30, 1945.However, the fact it is now questionable.As quoted from page Daily Telegraph, Monday, September 28, 2009, History Channel Documentary Program United States declared that saved Hitler's skull Russia does not belong to the Nazi leader.It was the skull of women under 40 years old, not Hitler who was pronounced dead at the age of 56 years.These findings, reinforce the conspiracy theory that Hitler did not die in 1945. He allegedly fled and died of old age.A number of theories circulating about where the death of Hitler.Some say Hitler died in Argentina, Brazil, South America, and even Indonesia.
Argentine journalist as well as author of 'Bariloche Nazi', Abel Basti believe Hitler died in Argentina in 1960.Basti claims Hitler escaped from Germany using the submarine.Together with her soul mate, Eva Braun, Hitler believed to spend her final days in a town called Bariloche. Basti basing its claim on the testimony of several witnesses.Then, as quoted page Salisburypost, August 30, 1999, newspaper article on July 17, 1945, Hitler and Eva Braun reported seen in Argentina.A reporter sent a story from Montevideo to the Chicago Times - Hitler and Braun's escape to Argentina with the submarine. Both live in the complex German people in Patagonia.Meanwhile, claims that Hitler died in Brazil based on the recognition of National Socialism that Hitler died in 1980 in Brazil.Brazil is known as a place to escape the former followers of Hitler.A Nazi grave found even in the interior forests of the Amazon, complete with Nazi symbol in a cross-shaped headstone.

*** A startling article has been circulated in a number of mailing lists and social networking sites. The article contains another version of the story of the death of the German dictator, Adolf Hitler's. It is said that Hitler died in Indonesia.This story originated from Sebuat article in People's Daily Thoughts in 1983. The author named Dr. Sosrohusodo - University of Indonesia medical graduates who had served in the ship which is used as a hospital named 'Hope' in Sumbawa Besar.He recounts his experiences meeting with an old German doctor named Poch on the island of Sumbawa Besar in 1960. Poch was the leader of a the largest hospital on the island.Claims filed by dr Sosrohusodo so polemic. He said the old doctor from Germany who he met and talked to Hitler in his old age isThe evidence presented Sosrohusodo, is that doctors can not run normally --- She was always dragging his left leg when walking.Then, his hands, said Sosrohusodo, German physician's left hand was always shaking. He also has a similar vertical Charlie Chaplin mustache, and his head bald.This condition is believed to be similar to the picture of Hitler in his old age - which is found in a number of biographies of the Fuhrer.We met with him in 1960, the alleged 71-year-old Hitler.According Sosrohusodo, a German doctor who she meets a very mysterious. He had no license to be a doctor, even he had no expertise about health.Sosro conviction, that he met Hitler and Eva Braun, make her more interested in reading books and articles about Hitler. He said, each saw a photo of Hitler in his prime, he was increasingly convinced that Poch, old doctor from Germany who he encountered was Hitler.His confidence increased when a nephew, in 1980, giving him a biography of Adolf Hitler's book written by Heinz Linge are translated in Bahasa Indonesian by Try Budi Satria.

In the page 59 article described the physical condition of Hitler in old age. "A number of German people know Hitler dragging his feet when walking, increasingly blurred vision, her hair no longer grows. Kala war raging and the Germans continued to hit defeat, Hitler suffered from nervous disorders."While reading the book, Sosro more confident, because the same physical condition he found in himself Poch.In that book also recounted Hitler's left hand since the battle of Stalingrad is always vibrating (1942 -1943) - which is a terrible blow for the German army.\ Sosro admits she still remembers some of his conversations with the alleged Poch is Hitler. Poch always praising Hitler. He also said there was no murder in Auschwitz, the concentration camp that is believed to be the location of the massacre of the Jews."When I asked him about Hitler's death, he said he did not know. Therefore, when the situation in Berlin in a state of chaos. All the people trying to save themselves each," said Sosrohusodo, such as pages loaded Militariana.Sosro claimed to have examined Poch left hand that is always vibrating. When asked when these symptoms begin to occur, Poch and then asked his wife who then replied, "This happened when Germany lost in battle near Moscow. At that Goebbels told you that you beat up the table many times."Goebbels called wife allegedly was Joseph Goebbe Poch, German propaganda minister known as loyal to Hitler. Sosro said, Poch wife, Eva Braun allegedly, several times calling her husband 'Dolf', which allegedly stands for Adolf Hitler's.After reading these articles, Sosro admitted contact Sumbawa Besar. From there, he informed Dr. Poch died in Surabaya.Poch died on January 15, 1970 at 19.30 in Karang Menjangan Surabaya Hospital of a heart attack, aged 81 years. He was buried a day later in the Ngagel.While his wife is from Germany back to his homeland, Poch known remarried with a woman from Bandung Sundanese initials S. He was known to live in Babakan Ciamis.After closing the mouth, the S finally give all the documents belonging to her husband on Sosro. including wedding photos, driver's license, complete with fingerprints Poch.There is also a catatatan book containing the names of Germans who lived in several countries, like Argentina, Italy, Pakistan, South Africa, and Tibet. Also some shorthand handwriting German DalanPoch notebook contains two codes, J.R. KepaD No.35637 and 35638, the code symbol of male and female."There is a possibility catatatan book held two people, Hitler and Eva Braun," said Sosro.There are also writings that Hitler's alleged escape route - namely B (Berlin), S (Salzburg), G (Graz), J (Jugoslavia), B (Belgrade), S (Sarajevo), R (Rome), before he was to Sumbawa Great.Second wife Poch, S also told that one day she saw her husband shaved his mustache with a style similar to Hitler. When she asked, her husband replied, "do not tell anyone."Sosro admitted there was no ulterior motive behind his confession."I just wanted to show Hitler died in Indonesia," he said.Until now if Hitler had died in the bunker, in Argentina, Brazil, or Indonesia, not yet certain. The story of the end of life 'the Fuhrer' continues to be a mystery.