Adolf Hitler, German dictator and the people believed responsible for the massacre of the Jews, allegedly spent the end of his life in Indonesia - as Dr. Poch, old doctor from Germany.According to a former patient, Ahmad Zuhri Muhtar (55), Dr. Poch stay home department physician at the Hospital Complex of Sumbawa and his wife are from Germany.When his wife returned to her native country, Poch and lonely. "He was alone and marries again with the origin istinya [Island] Java, I do not know exactly, maybe Garut," Ahmad told to meThere is another interesting fact about Dr. Ahmad revealed Poch.He said, Dr. Poch even converted to Islam to marry Muslim women."Married in Islam, the reception in pendapa district. The story is like that," added Ahmad.Dr. Poch then moved to Surabaya, where his new wife.Description Ahmad corresponds to a story that revealed dr Sosrohusodo - University of Indonesia medical graduates who have met Poch in Sumbawa.Sosro said, after his wife is from Germany, suspected of Eva Braun, left, Poch alleged Hitler marries a woman from Bandung Sundanese initials 'S'. Last 'S' are known to live in Babakan Ciamis.Initially 'S' shut your mouth, but eventually to Sosro, he submitted a number of documents belonging to her husband, including wedding photos, complete with a driver's license fingerprint Poch.There is also a notebook containing the names of Germans who lived in several countries, like Argentina, Italy, Pakistan, South Africa, and Tibet. Also some shorthand handwriting German DalanPoch notebook contains two codes, J.R. KepaD No.35637 and 35638, the code symbol of male and female.
"There is a possibility  notebook held two people, Hitler and Eva Braun," said Sosro.
There are also writings that Hitler's alleged escape route - namely B (Berlin), S (Salzburg), G (Graz), J (Jugoslavia), B (Belgrade), S (Sarajevo), R (Rome), before he was to Sumbawa Great.Poch second wife, 'S' was also told that one day she saw her husband shaved his mustache with a style similar to Hitler. When she asked, her husband replied, "do not tell anyone."Poch who allegedly was Hitler died on January 15, 1970 at 19.30 in Karang Menjangan Surabaya Hospital of a heart attack, aged 81 years.A tomb in Ngagel so the entrance to investigate the truth of the story the end of life 'the Fuhrer'.Was Hitler really committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin on April 30, 1945, or whether the dead in old age in Argentina, Brazil, South America, or Indonesia - the truth remains to be assessed