Wandering into the Islamic Empire Luxury Heritage Banten, Indonesia

What are your holiday plans this weekend tomorrow? If you do not have tickets for a flight out of town trip, please enjoy the charm around Jakarta. Importantly, out of the routine to eliminate fatigue. Old Banten region for example. Here you will find the ancient site of the Islamic Kingdom of Banten.Two hours from Jakarta, it's not too far to come to witness the rest of the glory of this kingdom. Maybe for those of you who are not too happy wandering in the path of history, this tour became less attractive. But try to taste the fresh air here, especially when the weather is cool as it is now.
An area of ​​three hectares with ancient ruins and debris will enchant you. Make your eyes widened with the rest of the luxury that still implied. You did hasus climb ruins to enjoy the sensation of freshness and air the actual sky.According to history, the palace was built around 1522 by the first Sultan of Banten, Maulana Hasanudin, and a builder from the Netherlands, Hendrik Lucasz Cardeel. But in 1680, the building was destroyed by the Dutch. Had been renovated, but destroyed again in 1813.
Previously, all this debris covered the ground, until in the 1970's, who piled up mounds of earth dug. Dozens of rooms may be seen from the remains of the walls and foundation. In the middle of this building, there is a pool that was filled with moss. There is also a fountain that supposedly used as a bathing place. Also a large pool measuring 30x13, with a depth of about 4.5 meters.Interestingly, although the building had collapsed, but the walls surrounding it are still standing strong. Foot-tall fort has three entrances. In the North, East, and South.
Besides Sorosowan palace, another site that is also interesting is the Sultan's Palace Kaibon. This is the queen of the castle. From the shape of the building is left, you can certainly imagine a palace and a beautiful shade.There is also a tower fortress that Spellwijk monitors. Besides being used to spy enemies, towers overlooking the Sunda Strait is also used for storage of guns and other weapons of war. (Umi)