Romanticism in the oldest railway tunnel

Ever watch a sequel to the first movie Paper Boat? In the film there is a scene where Kugy and Keenan out of the train. Indeed, often the Argo Parahyangan train to stop. Perhaps because the track had to take turns with the train from the Sukabumi. Romance is not, the landscape?
Last weekend, I happened to return to travel from Jakarta to London by train. At first I was disappointed because it got a seat on the left side of the front. Already the landscape is not as good a view on the right, near the toilet anyway. Yeah, I think the view from the seats right is more beautiful than the left seat. Because when sitting in the right seat we will more often facing toward the foothills. Meanwhile, on the left, we will often see the cliffs that were located quite close to the window. That is if we depart from Jakarta to Bandung. Nor, of course vice versa. Lucky yesterday there was a family group that wants to sit close together, so they asked me to swap seats. As a result I was able to sit in the right seat and enjoy the beauty of the earth back Parahyangan.
Jakarta-Bandung train line to divide the mountains from the start Karawang, Purwakarta, until Cianjur. The order is not correct? Therefore, we will often see the beautiful mountains including subak Like a paddy field in Bali. Too often we train ride seemed to fly above the clouds, when looking down just ravines, rivers or rice field. There are so many bridges that we would be arriving. I do not know how many, so many.

Besides the beauties that I mentioned earlier, there is a tunnel that will be passed. Tunnel Lampegan name. That said, this tunnel is the oldest tunnel in Indonesia. 686 meter long tunnel is located in Cianjur. Not far from this tunnel there is a station named Lampegan Station.
There are two versions I've heard related to the origin of the name of this tunnel. The first version says that Lampegan derived from the words of the Dutch when the train would enter the tunnel, "Lam a gan (turn on the lights)." Version of the two, as junior high school teacher once told me, the name is derived from the words tunnels Indonesian language, "light hold". I do not know which is correct. It may be that both are correct. To be sure, both are spoken by the mouth of the Sundanese reset to "Lampegan", much simpler. Until then it was used as the name of the tunnel greeting.
I will not elaborate further. If you often go back and forth from Jakarta to Bandung but have never used the train mode, I suggest you try it. There are many sights that we can see if we are using the railway, which we can not see if the car or plane. Because in addition to the most amazing scenery, we can also see from the close-perkapungan life settlements along the edge of the rail. How, interested in going to London by train? This paper is not for the promotion of PT KAI (Persero) tablets. Hihihi.