IndoLife : Healthy and Tasty Food Ingredients Butter Substitute

Butter is often a secret weapon to create culinary delights. Butter melts evenly, easy to use, and almost all the recipes use less butter.

Unfortunately, the butter can cause cholesterol levels to rise. If you want to enjoy delicious dishes without butter content, there are three choices of food are still providing delicious taste without compromising your health.


The broth is made from water, meat and vegetables, so you do not have to worry about excess calories in your food. Add one or two tablespoons of broth into the pan before adding the core ingredients (broth evaporated quickly, so the sooner added to the diet, the better).

Most bone broth made ​​from chicken or beef stew, vegetable broth so it can be alternate option to choose if you want to cook dishes without meat.


Not only suitable for dressing your salad, add vinegar to the cooking will increase the quality of the cuisine. Mixing vinegar into the egg, for example, will make the egg whites do not lose their shape. Vinegar also has the ability make a meat soft before cooking.


Instead of drinking wine with food, enriched flavor your food with a little wine into the dish. Although wine has a high calorie content, but it also has the ability to enhance the flavor of meats, sauces or desserts.

When cooking with wine, do not use a large fire, simply saute briefly before adding the other ingredients.