Kreta Kencana World Music Festival

Train event venue Kencana World Music Festival held ascertained Sugar Factory (PG) Colomadu, Karanganyar on 4-8 July 2012. Train Committee Kencana World Music Festival has held meetings with local government Karanganyar on Monday (25/06/2012) yesterday.
Head of Tourism and Culture (Disparbud) Karanganyar, Sugiyarto, said the committee Train Kencana World Music Festival has presented the concept and the material shows. The concept was originally fixed using places of historical value. "The concept and the material to be presented has been presented by the committee Train Kencana World Music Festival. No permission first important issue, "he said when contacted, Tuesday (26/06/2012).
According to him, the committee Train Kencana World Music Festival should ask for permission to the mayor Karanganyar in organizing the show in the Karanganyar. In addition, the committee must also take care of the security permissions Karanganyar Police.
He said he was not questioning the concept and presentation materials are carried in the train Kencana World Music Festival. In essence, Karanganyar regency administration invited the musical performances, but had a permit first. "Permission directly to the mayor and police Karanganyar Karanganyar. There is no problem if the committee has the licenses, "he explained.
Meanwhile, administrators PG Tasikmadu, Bambang Sucahyo, explained that they have learned related to the transfer of venue event Solo International Ethnic Music (SIEM), which turned into a train Kencana World Music Festival around the area PG Colomadu.
Bambang added that he did not know whether the committee Train Kencana World Music Festival has taken care permission from the directors of PG Colomadu. According to him, pascapenutupan PG Colomadu 1998, the management of the factory was taken over by PG Tasikmadu. Some employees also moved Colomadu PG to PG Tasikmadu. "They had permission to PG Colomadu directors, but the information I got no problems related penyelanggaraan location. All is clear, "he said when contacted
Previously, changes in the concept and the name of the show Solo International Ethnic Music (SIEM) to train Kencana World Music Festival to be more flexible, both in terms of the selection of the venue and the type of music that is displayed.