Stargate Project - an elite team of paranormal in the American intelligence

Keith Harrary

Paul H Smith
Joseph Mcmonealge

Lyn Buchanan

Ingo Swan

"That enables the wise sovereign and the good general to be able to invade, conquer, and achieve results that exceed the reach of common man is preliminary information."
- Sun Tzu - The Art of War -

Sun Tzu, the sentence was 2,500 years ago, but the message it is still relevant today.
Gathering information about the condition of the enemy is one of the key to victory in war and tactics is a practice that is common in the intelligence world.
However, when the intelligence of the East began using western technologies are advanced, Intelligence western world even back to the traditional ways that popular in eastern cultures. This is reflected in the CIA's secret project being leaked to the public in 1995, the Stargate project.
Secret Project StargateThis project is a secret U.S. government project run by the CIA, working with the military and intelligence agencies such as the NSA (National Security Agency) and the army. This project was active around 1970 to close on June 30, 1995.
The purpose of this project is to investigate paranormal phenomena like remote viewing (the ability to obtain certain information from a distance without having to be on site), Precognition (predicting an event that will occur in the future) and Telekinesis (moving an object without touching it).
While it sounds ridiculous Ngada, but the use of Remote Viewing techniques, for example, has been used by some black American intelligence operation in the past. One of the characters known expert in the use of this technique is Ingo Swann, who later becomes the brain of Stargate. Ingo Swann also was the one who first used the term Remote Viewing.
Ingo Swann
Of course, the CIA is not just simply interested in investigating this phenomenon. They are also investigating the possibility of its use in the intelligence world.
In this project, the researchers developed a set of protocols that are intended to make the paranormal experiences such as remote viewing becomes more scientific. They are also actively trying to find a method that can minimize ketidakakuratannya.
The project is considered as a last resort in the American intelligence community and the "viewers" will only be assigned if all other efforts have been tried and failed.
In its heyday, this project has research laboratories and 14 units throughout the U.S. and at least 22 remote viewers who worked to provide intelligence.
When the project was closed in 1995, there are at least three remote viewer who is still active in the CIA.
Remote Viewing and IntelligenceWhen the assignment is given, a viewer will go into a room with a guide. In this room the viewer will project his mind while trying to maintain consciousness.
The guide will then show the coordinates of a location or an area on the map, then asks viewers to start projecting his mind. Then the wizard will ask you what it sees. The viewer then make notes and sketches to describe the impression he got.
One important aspect of this technique is that the viewer should not give the impression that his own judgment obtained. If this is ignored, then the resulting impression would not be accurate.
Not finished until there, If the viewer has to get some information, then this information is yet to be verified by other parties to find a fairly precise interpretation.
Although the viewer the information obtained is not always useful, however, the viewer in the Stargate project proved to have produced some intelligence information that is quite remarkable.
Keith HararyKeith Harary is one remote viewer who was recruited into the Stargate project.
In 1979, American hostage crisis in Iran, or better known as Iran Contra.
Keith was asked to investigate the situation in Iran with remote Viewing. Later, Keith began projecting his mind.
Out of sight, he found out that one of the Americans held hostage in Iran "had Nausea (feeling always want to throw up) with one side of his body was injured / damaged" and hostages "will be taken home by plane a few days later".
This information is pretty accurate. A hostage named Richard Queen apparently suffering from muscle weakness, eye myopic, chaotic body coordination, vertigo and multiple sclerosis that affects the nerves on one side of his body. As a result, Queen released by their captors in Iran and President Jimmy Carter sent a plane to take him home.

Joseph McMoneagleAnother story McMoneagle Joseph, also a Viewer. In 1979, when the cold war is still going on between Russia and the United States, he managed to find out information about the scheduled launch of the latest Russian submarine.
He said that the submarine will be launched four months after the prediction, ie, sometime in January 1980.
Satellite images obtained by U.S. intelligence showed the accuracy of this prediction. Among his colleagues in Stargate, McMoneagle been known to predict an event a few months before it happens.
Thus, they have more capabilities than towards precognitive remote viewing.
This ability is acquired when he suffered a Near Death Experience (near death experience) in the 1970s. After that, he started to get paranormal experiences that makes recruited into the Stargate project.

Patrick PricePatrick Price is a remote viewer to another. Unlike other viewer, Patrick has incredible accuracy. In the Stargate project, arguably equal ability Ingo Swann, the brains of the Stargate, and competition between them has become a legend among the CIA.
In 1973, Patrick was given a coordinate on the territory of Russia and the impressions he gets asked to describe the region. As a result, military leaders were surprised as he described the existence of a super-secret military facility in the area.
Patrick does not have a military background or intelligence even be able to provide a list of projects associated with ongoing activities, including projects that are very sensitive and confidential. It can even mention the name of the code for the facility, layout and names of the people involved in the secret project accurately.
One of the CIA officials once described Patrick with the phrase "He was extraordinarily accurate, unbelievably accurate".
Now you know why the Soviet Union could collapse and surrender to the United States. Unfortunately, Patrick died on July 14, 1975 before he could give a bigger contribution.

Paul H SmithOn May 17, 1987, Iran launched a missile frigate Stark then destroy the United States. This incident shocked the world, but not for those who are involved in the Stargate because three days earlier, a viewer named Paul H Smith had predicted this.
In his book, "Reading the Enemy's Mind: Inside Star Gate: America's Psychic Espionage Program", Smith said that there are collaborators in Stargate that can even bend spoons with his mind.
Regarding the closure of the Stargate project, Smith blamed the bureaucrats in the American administration who were skeptical and afraid to take risks.
Lyn BuchananLyn Buchanan was a sergeant who was recruited into the Stargate project. But he is not a remote viewer.
Lyn Buchanan is an expert telekinesis. He was also a computer expert. Two capabilities are sufficient to attract the attention of senior military officers who promptly recruited into the Stargate project.
They are still watchingIn 1995, the CIA saw that this project will not deliver significant results to the intelligence. So, they decided to close the $ 20 million project for good, even though many believe that they still run it silently.
After officially closed, the veterans who are still alive stargate began to open on the subject of remote viewing to the American public. One viewer named David Morehouse for example, set up a company that specializes in serving remote viewing training for human development.
Paul H Smith then set RVIS, as well as companies engaged in the field of remote viewing training. He is also the head of Irva (International Remote Viewing Associations), an organization composed of veterans and paranormal private Stargate latest generation.
Lyn Buchanan, the expert telekinesis, along with Mel Riley, remote viewer Stargate, founded PSI (Problems Solutions Innovations), which also provides Remote Viewing.

So, be careful, because you do not know who was spying.