From Klaten: Trash in Tukuman Dam, Citizen complains Odour Tuberose

Residents who were around Check Dam Tukuman, Plosowangi Village, District Cawas, Klaten complained of smelling odor check dam. The smell was from garbage that collects in the check dam.

Monitoring, Friday (16/11/2012), collect trash and rotting on the north side of the check dam.

One resident, Purnomo, 24, called the smell has been going on since a few days ago. Precisely when the rain started pouring, he said it was a bad odor coming from the garbage pile submerged.

"Before the rains came, the smell of garbage has not been too much felt by residents as the average garbage in garbage dam is dry," he said when met Friday.

He said the trash is an accumulation of garbage dumped by residents to stream Dengkeng Kali, who then netted and settled in the check dam.

Meanwhile, other residents, Sarjito, hoping that the government would intervene to resolve the issue. He hoped that the government would open the door to clean the dam or the dam, so that stench was soon lost. He added that if not immediately cleaned, the trash was submerged in the dam will become disease.