From Bandung Institute of Technology : PCE 2012

This year the ITB students achieved excellent performance in Patient Counseling Competition Event (PCE) 2012. Alexandra Vania (Clinical and Community Pharmacy 2009) and Mira Mutia (Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, 2009) of the School of Pharmacy ITB successfully won the first prize and the second in the beginner class competition such counseling nationwide.Prestigious competition which was followed by dozens of pharmacy students from various universities in Indonesia is an arena to contest the ability to provide counseling to patients. Participants were selected through preliminary round and finals, and champions selected and their performance in the final round held on Sunday (11.04.12) in the Auditorium of science and technology telecommunication East Campus Center ITB.After going through a very tight competition, teams of ITB won a brilliant achievement. Two students from the School of Pharmacy ITB won the first and second categories of beginner, while the third place achieved by Lidia from Sanata Dharma. Above these achievements, ITB Dean regained the Cup Turns a School of Pharmacy ITB as the overall winner in this year's event.Increase ability pharmacistsPharmacy Students Association (HMF) 'Ars Praeparandi' ITB again held that the PCE-6 since 2006 on Saturday and Sunday (03-04/11/12) at ITB. PCE 2012 this time with the theme "Health Professional Education Quality (HPEQ) to Increase Work's Ability of Pharmacist". HMF 'Ars Praeparandi' in ITB which is the Member Association (MIA) of the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (IPSF) invites approximately 42 universities and colleges of pharmacy from all over Indonesia to participate in the PCE 2012.Besides Counseling Competition, PCE 2012 also consists of Studium Generale held on Saturday (03.11.12) at the East Campus Center ITB. Studium Generale in 2012 raised the PCE 3 topics with 3 different speakers, namely "Communication in Counseling", "Implementation of Pharmaceutical Care System Sustainability in Indonesia", and "The Role of Pharmacists in HPEQ".