SS Jesmond and atlantic which appear from the bottom of the Sea

No one knows where the location of the actual continent of Atlantis. Mysterious continent which was mentioned by Plato it was submerged by the earthquake and is currently believed to be in the seabed. However, in 1882, a merchant ship named the SS Jesmond find an island that seemed to have just emerged from the sea. The island is believed to be the remains of the civilization of Atlantis because of artifacts found on it.
According to legend, on March 1, 1882, weighing 1495 British merchant ship named the SS Jesmond ton carrying dried fruit are in regular voyage across the Atlantic. The ship departs from Messina, Sicily, with the goal of New Orleans. This cruise should only be a routine voyage for the crew, including the captain, David Amory Robson.
At the time, they just passed the straits of Gibraltar and is located about 200 miles south-west of Madeira and the Azores in the south, more or less at the same distance.
Wherever they cast a glance, it looks just the ocean. However, not long after, they saw something else in the water.
Not as usual, that day looks thick mud covering the surface of the water. Not only that, captain Robson also saw dead fish were estimated at half a million tonnes spread over an area of ​​7500 square miles.
Robson thought something was going on in the waters, but he could not tell.
He ordered the helmsman to keep the ship running, passing millions of dead fish and thick mud.
The next morning, something strange looks. SS Jesmond, who was still sailing in the direction specified, finds a mysterious island ahead of him. Captain Robson realized that this island may have just emerged from the sea. He has used this path and never seen it before. Moreover, the map shows that the area has no land at all.
The island is large, about 30 miles from north to south. On top of the island, there has been a mountain smoke.
At the time, Captain Robson received the news from a monitoring station in the Azores and the Canary who reported a small explosion underwater volcanoes. Now Robson believes that volcanic activity has caused the death of millions of fish and mud mysterious emergence above sea level. He therefore thought that the appearance of the mysterious island in front of him probably also due to the volcano activity.
Curiosity Robson began to rise. Then he led a small team to investigate the island.
When he set foot on the island, he found that the place was dominated by black basalt and sedimentary soils formed properly. On it is also seen many dead fish, just like in the waters that they have encountered before. The surface of the island was empty, there were no plants or sandy beaches. In addition, there are many natural cracks that release vapor constantly.
Not long ago, a crew accidentally find an object after a careful attention turns an arrowhead.
Now they become more enthusiastic.
Then they started digging at random with the spirit to re-discover some arrowhead with small knives.
Robson promptly returned to the ship and take a more complete equipment. This time he also brought 15 volunteers. By evening, they had found other artifacts was beyond expectations.
They found a statue of a woman filled with moss. The statue was carved on one side of the stone and its size is slightly larger than the human race in general. Further to the center of the island, they found two stone walls. Nearby, they found a sword made of yellow metal of unknown type.
They also found the spear, ax, metal rings and shaped ceramic birds and other animals. Then, they also found two large clay jar which contains the remains of human bones with skulls. That is quite remarkable is the discovery of a sarcophagus with a mummy inside.
Robson realized that they had found the remains of past civilizations. And this is quite unusual because it seems a new island emerged from the sea.
He wants to pursue a pancarian, but the weather started to not support so he decided to return to the ship by bringing all the artifacts he found. However, he intends to go back again. So he marked the position of the island in the notes, which is 31 ° 25 'N, 28 ° 40' W.
He was ordered to lift anchor and move on. SS Jesmond arrived in New Orleans on March 31.
After arriving in New Orleans, the discovery of the island and mysterious artifacts began to be heard by the media. Then, a local newspaper proclaimed it to then spread throughout the country.
Reporters from the New Orleans Times Picayune newspaper that interviewed Robson writes that he had shown artifacts were found and did not feel that things are false. The reporter also said that the captain Robson intends to donate all artifacts to the British museum.
But then everything is a mystery.
On May 19, unknown Robson returned to England without her discovery.
Since then, the presence of artifacts is not known anymore.
In 1940, the office of the shipping company that houses the SS Jesmond, namely Watts, Watts and Company in England, suffered bombardment by German troops that the SS Jesmond travel records were destroyed with him. Thus, the researchers then tried to investigate claims Robson could not find anything else. In addition, there were no records of donations to the museum Robson England.
What happened exactly? Is the story of the discovery was a mere fabrication Robson?
Lawrence Hill, who has examined the mystery quite believe the story Robson. He had a theory why the artifacts were never seen again.
According to him, the name of the yellow metal on the sword found by Robson is Tumbaga, which is an alloy consisting of 80% gold and 20% copper. This type of metal called Orichalcum he thinks Plato as numerous in Atlantis. Hill also said that Robson had been fused sword to take the gold. There is a possibility that Robson has been thought better to donate these findings. Because of these artifacts can not be found.
In addition, the mysterious island seen by Captain Robson seems also seen by Captain James Newdick, the captain of The Westbourne. At that time, Captain Newdick was sailing from Marseilles to New York. However, he noted the position of the island in 5 º 30 'N, 24 º W, not too far from the previous location. This indicates that the floating island or indeed there are two different islands emerging from the sea.
Then, another confirmation coming from the other crew members more or less at the same time sailing through the region. They also see the dead fish over the ocean. Their testimony about the dead fish were also reported in the local dailies.
So, there are some aspects of the testimony that Robson could be confirmed.
Regarding the emergence of an island from the sea, it was not something strange. Geological event of this kind has been observed several times in fact. For example, not long ago, an island suddenly appeared out of the sea off the coast of Pakistan. The local fishermen reported the incident on 26 November 2010.
According to NASA, this is a normal sort of island appear and then quickly disappear because the waves swallowed.
Thus, the testimony of Captain Robson about his encounter with the island emerged from the sea is also not impossible. However, is it true that he had found the remains of human civilization in it? This problem can not be confirmed by evidence other than the testimony of Robson and the journalist who interviewed him.
Claims of Atlantis itself comes from Plato in his Timaeus and Critias.
If Atlantis really existed and not just written by Plato, the most likely location is the place where the SS Jesmond see the mysterious island. According to Plato, Atlantis was located opposite the Pillars of Hercules which is an archaic term for the Strait of Gibraltar.
If the island is seen Robson is part of the civilization of Atlantis, maybe one day he re-appeared and answered all our doubts?