Mystery of Gef the Talking Mongoose

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there in 1931, a strange event horrendous small island the Isle of Man, located between England and Ireland. Some people refer to this incident as an example of Poltergeist activity. Some call it a psychological phenomenon and others refer to it as a hoax. No wonder, because the case will I tell you this time involving a weasel who can talk like human beings.

James Irving was a farmer who has aged 60 years and lived in the Cashen's Gap with his wife, Margaret, and his daughter who was 12 years old, Voirrey. Irving family occupied house is a house that is very simple. No electricity, telephone or radio. The nearest neighbor lived more than a mile away. However, a simple peasant family life is about to change in September 1931.
It all begins when the Irving family heard strange noises at night. The voice sounded like a gust, spitting or growling coming from behind the wood paneling on the walls. The wall is covered by the board James was leaving the room a few inches wide so he thought that the sounds produced by a mouse that managed to sneak. So, he tried to find the source of the noise nuisance creature that can repel it. But it did not work.

A few days later, the voice returned. Then James set traps and rat poison. This time his efforts were in vain. Until the next few days, the voices are still often heard in the house.

In desperation to find a way to repel the creature, James made a sound like a dog growling. She thought maybe it was the voice can scare the creature so it ran out.

Unexpectedly, a mysterious creature growled back. However, it does not go out of his hiding place.

This is the beginning of Gef the Talking Moongose.

The days passed and the invisible creatures began often imitate sounds of various animals. James just needs to ring it, and he would follow.

One day, as if bored with the sounds of animals, the creature began to noises like a baby was mumbling!

Not long ago, these creatures are able to speak in English.

Initially, Voirrey ask the creature to repeat the traditional English song she sang. The creature was able to imitate a clear voice. A few days later, the creature began to speak clearly.

Then, he began to introduce himself to the Irving family.

Here is the beginning of this story evolved into something strange and sounds corny Ngada.

Please note that at the time, Irving family still can not see a way the mysterious creature that existence can only be known through the issuance of sound.

The creature introduced itself as Gef (Jeff) and he claims that he is a super intelligent weasel who was born in New Delhi, India, in 1852. In addition, he also claims that he is the "spirit world" and the "ghost in the form of a weasel".

One day Gef said: "I am a strange creature. I have hands and feet and you would faint if he saw me. You will froze and turned to stone or a pillar of salt!"

Hearing this, whatever Irving family's reaction. But it seems they are starting to like this unique creature. Since then, Gef often start a conversation with Irving family. Especially with James and Voirrey. But he was a little less friendly with Margaret.

After a long build communication, Gef became more open and dare to reveal itself. James and Margaret permitted and only glanced at him Voirrey that may direct.

Voirrey mentions that the creature the size of a small rat, has a long bushy tail and a yellowish body.

Because it is part of the Irving family, Gef given a place in the room Voirrey in one partition box is there. Family Irving called it "Gef's Sanctum" or "The Hermitage Gef".

During the day, Gef often out of the house while riding the bus and around the island. Later that night, he returned home and share information and gossip that he heard the Irving family. He also often read some sections of local newspapers.

Regarding Gef, James once said: "He announced his presence by calling my wife with our Christian names. Hearing power so great that there is no point in us talking in a whisper. He could hear a whisper from a distance of 15-20 feet away, tell it to you, and repeat the exact same. "

This is not just gossip and share information, sometimes carrying Gef also home to cooked rabbit. In return, Margaret will give him biscuits and chocolate. Gef also liked the sausage and pork. The food was plain put Margaret in bars near the ceiling and Gef would sneak out to pick it up.

Besides the habit, Gef also love to sing and can sing the part of traditional Spanish songs and hymns.

Although quite a jovial character, temperament sometimes Gef could change abruptly.

One day, he cursed James because he considered too slow reading her morning newspaper. At that time he shouted: "Read it out, you fat headed Gnome!"

Then, he also issued a growling sound for 30 minutes without stopping and admitting that he did so only because of nosy. Even Margaret who had come home once dilemparinya with stones. Margaret shouted: "Is that you Gef? ' Gef said: "Yes, Maggie witches, Zulu women, Women Honolulu."

Somehow the beginning, but the story of Gef began to smell by the media who then began to preach, most of mockingly. However, this news has made Gef fame continues to spread down to London. But the news was very intense that only made Voirrey often suffer ridicule at school.

Initially, the media, the case is known as "Mystery Man-Weasel" or "Dalby Spook".

At that moment, the story of Gef began to attract the attention of many paranormal investigators, one of whom was Harry Price.

Gef might not like the notoriety. When news began to spread about him, he would occasionally speak. And when Harry Price appeared in Irving's residence to conduct research, he was greeted only silence. Gef was never heard from again.

Is not it interesting?

Hearing the story of Gef, maybe we will be remembered by one of the characters in The Chronicle of Narnia. What makes this story more interesting perhaps is the fact that many researchers made news and attracted by it (even up to now, research on the case is still done).

What really happened? Is Irving family has created a fantasy story?

Indeed, some people refer to this story as a hoax created by the Irving family. Kathleen Green, a childhood friend Voirrey, once said in a radio interview that Voirrey is a ventriloquist (expert sound abdominal) were very good. It could be Voirrey has created this engineering without being noticed by parents.

However, this theory was disproved, even by many of the islanders who on several occasions had heard Gef speak.

For example, one bus driver (Remember Gef like a bus ride around the island), Jack Tearle, who said that Gef was really there and steal his sandwich.

"Yes, I am a person who likes his lunch stolen. Eating my lunch is six sandwich wrapped in brown paper. Paper was torn as by claws or blades. Gef I wanted to capture with my own hands."

Then there is Charles Morrison, a friend of James Irving. He also never heard Gef. One day, in the kitchen of her, Morrison heard Gef said: "Tell Arthur (Son Morrison) so as not to have to go home. He could not believe where I was. I will not talk when he comes. I'll shoot 3d head with a bullet."

Arthur initially regard all this as a joke story ultimately believe in the existence Gef because she heard her voice when she stopped by the residence of Irving.

At that moment, a voice greeted him: "Hi, call me Gef. Spirit world I was. Before I saw you, I wanted to shoot a bullet head with 3d. But I like you now."

So, if these people have families berkoloborasi with Irving to create an engineering?

Another argument that the theory of engineering is not the motivation of money in this case. Irving was offered enough money for a photo ever taken Voirrey Gef. However, he refused. An agent in the American theater has also been offered 50,000 dollars for the exclusive rights Gef. He also rejected.

If it is engineering, what is its purpose?

Harry Price who researched the story of Gef diary written by James Irving about Gef between 1932 and 1935, did not dare to draw definitive conclusions. In his book published in 1936, The Haunting of Cashen's Gap: A Modern "Miracle" Investigated, he did not accuse Irving families making up stories. But he also did not validate.

On several occasions, Price tried to examine the physical evidence of the existence of Gef. For example, the existence of a strand of hair from the body called Gef. He sent this hair to Julian Huxley who sent him to the naturalist, F. Martin Duncan. Duncan concluded that the hair belonged to a dog.

Price also send prints footprints belong to the so-called Gef the Reginal Pucock of the Natural History Museum. Interestingly, Pucock can not be certain animals which have created such traces.

With conclusions like this, it's normal Price dare not give a definitive answer.

In addition to Price, other paranormal researchers who investigate cases of Gef was Nandor Fodor of the International Institute for Psychical Research.

Fodor Irving lived in the house for one week for research. He did not hear the Gef. But he found that the Irving family is a sincere and honest. He believes that if they do not reverse this case. Fodor also do not believe that is the case Gef Poltergeist cases as suggested by many people because Gef was not demonstrate paranormal powers and has consistently appeared as small animals that can be photographed and touched.

According to Fodor: "After examining all the available evidence, one of the most likely answer is Gef actually an animal that can talk - or in the words of its own Gef, a mongoose who is very very smart".

Later, he corrected his opinion and said that Gef could be a part of a split personality James Irving, a compensation of ambition and "mental hunger" due to loneliness experienced. According to Fodor: "Hybrid Gef strange not fit into the category of humans, animals or ghosts. However has all the characteristics of these creatures."

However, if the Gef was part of multiple personalities owned James, how to explain the other people who also listen to his voice?

So, we have three possibilities .... or four.

First, Gef was the manifestation of the spirit as is often claimed.

Second, Gef was the product of an engineering between Irving family and some people closest.

Third, Gef was the manifestation of the personality of a family member Irving divided.


Gef was really a super intelligent weasel who can talk.

(Later known that 20 years earlier, some island residents ferret-badger was imported from India to reduce the rat population on the island).

In 1937, the Irving family moved to another town. Gef did not seem to follow the Irving family because the family had never heard Gef again. Soon their house occupied by Mr. Leslie Graham. He had never heard Gef.

After Mr.Graham left the house, the family home Irving was eventually razed to the ground.

In 1970, Walter McGraw, a reporter from FATE magazine, managed to track Voirrey Irving to be interviewed. At that time, he stuck to his testimony about Gef. "At that time I was a shy and Gef taught me to meet with people who do not dare to see. Some say that all this is engineering because I was a ventriloquist. Believe me, if I were that good, I would have been rich now. '

"I had to leave the Isle of Man and have to work out where the people have never heard the story about it. Gef has even kept me from getting married. How can I tell about it to the family of my future husband?"

"The story is not an engineering. Yet I hope it all never happened."

"Yes, there is a small animal that can talk and do things. She says that she is a ferret and we had to call him Gef. I hope by then he did not bother us."

Voirrey Irving died in 2005, and the case remains a mystery.