Seven gorgeous sheen Cancer Fighters

Eyeshadow and eyeliner adorn their beautiful eyes. Her cheeks looked flushed with a touch of blush on. Dressed in chic, slick hairdos, seven women was busy preparing for a charity event.

From their movements are excited, not seen at all if she is seven cancer patients. They are Nawangwulan Dinda, Shanti Rosa Persada, Madelina Mutia, Fertina Tarasari, Jeanne Pangaribuan, Maya S. Ahmad and Penny Purnamawaty.

Young, full of positive energy, and the cancer is what brought them together. Experiencing pain and anguish of cancer, they did not give up.

Instead, the seventh woman to make a movement to help cancer patients who can not afford. One way, very 'pretty', which makes beauty classes for breast cancer patients and to make breast health campaigns, especially breast cancer awareness through the foundation PinkShimmerInc.

"We met initially for sharing. Quite heavy, time out cancer. But we do not want and then silence, surrender and give up. We want to share also in patients with other cancers, especially those that can not afford," said Shanti, who declared cancer 3B-stage breast in March 2010.

Breast cancer is so frightening for her. Most people do not know because it did not cause pain.

Cancer is very likely cured with intensive treatment. Especially, if it is detected in its early stages. Chemotherapy and radiation, as well as the consumption of certain drugs, so the treatment is undeniable.

Hair loss, dry skin to peel, eyebrow thinning to disappear, including eyelashes, is the effect. This is a consequence of the struggle to recover. Pain, fatigue, and confidence was down.

"No doubt in the process of chemotherapy so we are really down period. Hair loss, including other feathers all over the body not there.'s Women always want to look beautiful, but just look at the glass appearance changed, it was like it was not me," Madelina said Mutia, who underwent removal of the right breast.

While carrying her baby who was a toddler, she was told that the situation he was trying to remain positive. Not just for himself, but also the baby and the people he loved.

Mutia diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer in April 2010. Mastectomy an option, her right breast removed. Chemotherapy 8 times and 25 times the radiation should also be undertaken. Now, he still had to undergo treatment for a five-year phase.

'Drug makeup' Program

Beauty class for cancer fighter by ShimmerInc

Think positive, happy, confident, and support from friends and friends become key recovery. Get rid of cancer is not impossible.

The treatment process can be just a small step to recovery. The important thing is to maintain the spirit and desire, and through each process heal properly.

As Dinda Nawangwulan, now cleared of cancer cells. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and lymphoma in 2006, his experience undergoing treatment and what passes for battling cancer, made her want to share with other cancer patients.

He also invite cancer survivors to stay beautiful. Opening a beauty class for cancer patients while sharing stories, exchanging experiences, to say 'cure' for Dinda.

"Meet with other fellow cancer patients, I say make us feel not alone. Though the family was always accompanied but different yes. Hobby right from the first time pain is makeup and I tried to keep doing the usual favorite, still look beautiful," says Dinda.

Gorgeous, is the magic word for women. It could be the motivation as well as to generate confidence. For Dinda, all women have the right to feel beautiful, including the breast cancer patients.

With a dress and still look chic will be very positive impact on their psychological condition. "Hair loss, to the bald, eyebrows are also missing after chemo, it can not be avoided, but a lot of how to make look pretty. Actually what I want to, lest we lose our self-confidence, one with a dress and still look beautiful," said Dinda.

Appeared normal as usual, leaving no activity, that you want to share Dinda and other friends at the Pink ShimmerInc. Fear no longer looks attractive or do not feel beautiful always be circumvented in many ways.

"Although bald after chemotherapy we can still look stylish anyway, can wear wigs, hats or wearing a scarf wrapped around, it can make our spirit. Currently have to check into a hospital or treatment we feel so much more beautiful, raised self-esteem and feelings of well so not really timid, "said Dinda.

Cancer of the beautiful

Jeanne Pangaribuan different story. He hit metaplastic breast cancer, a rare type of breast cancer late stage 2/3 early. Very little likelihood of chemotherapy can kill cancer cells.

But he would not give up. Jeanne undergoing treatment since 2010 and then met up with friends at ShimmerInc. He felt their zeal to recover infectious him.

"Meet Dinda, Shanti, and other friends makes me more spirit to fight. Times they have plans to make Pink ShimmerInc, I immediately wanted to. Moreover this way said yes, through beauty classes continue breast health campaign, which is important for women to feel beautiful and help cancer patients are not able to, "said a professional in the field of advertising.

He and the other founders of Pink ShimmerInc start the movement to create beautiful photographs. Bak model, they pose. Her picture is certainly not an ordinary photo. Displays an overview of the cancer is not creepy.

Infusion bottles, hospital rooms, hair thinning, stroke surgical removal of the breast, a wig, with a gorgeous display. Photo includes stories that illustrate each cancer fighters in Pink ShimmerInc.

The images are also auctioned off a few days ago and the results, are used to help treat cancer patients who can not afford. They want excitement and struggle Pink founder ShimmerInc also transmitted to other cancer patients in a beautiful way.