Tesla death Ray

 There are rumors that Nikola Tesla, a mysterious scientist, have designed a mighty weapon that could redefine the fierce sense of a war. However, after his death, design it vanished without a trace.
Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943) is probably one of the greatest scientists who ever lived. It holds about 300 patents related to inventions such as the electric dynamo, transformer, induction coil, condenser and incandescent lamps.
From all this, Tesla is best known for his contributions in research AC (Alternating Current). Because of this, he then underwent a profound hostility to his former boss, Thomas A. Edison chose to focus on DC power (Direct Current).
Since long, Tesla's name is always associated with the extraordinary discoveries that far ahead of his time. For example Otis T. Carr, one of the engineers who are also students Tesla, never made a startling statement that he and his teammates named Ralph Ring had made a disc-shaped aircraft that successfully flew them as far as 10 miles with the speed of light. According to Carr, he used the principles taught in the Tesla makes the aircraft.
In addition, Tesla's name is also often associated with great events of the Tunguska explosion is fierce. The explosion was cited as a result of Tesla's experiments when he transmits powerful electrical energy by using the built Wardenclyffe tower.
Well, what would happen if a genius and a mysterious scientist, said that he was able to make weapons of mass destruction that could make the war became not occurred to anyone?
Tesla Death RayIt all began in a statement issued by the eccentric scientist in 1938.
To the reporter, Tesla announced that he could make a mighty fierce gun so anyone who has it will have a tremendous victory in every battle.
Tesla was the weapon in question became known as the Tesla Death Ray, or the Tesla Death Ray.
According to Tesla:

"This weapon will send a beam of concentrated particles that will fly through the air with a speed almost equal to the speed of light. Energy is so large that it could shed up to 10,000 enemy aircraft from a distance of 250 miles and could cause millions of dead enemy soldiers on the spot."
Particle weapons included four findings combined into one.
The first invention is a device that can negate the effects of atmospheric particles.
The second invention is a method for generating electric power potential is huge.
The third invention is a method to increase the electrical power generated up to 50 million volts.
The fourth invention is the manufacture of an electric power tool to catapult that has been generated.
According to Tesla, two of the four above discoveries have been made and tested by him. The other two just needs a little refinement. To make it happen, it takes only 2 million dollars in funds and 3 months. Number is of course very small compared with the results that can be given. If the project is approved, it will build towers of power plants that serve as weapons in the border regions.

According to Tesla, if the American government decided to accept the bid, it will immediately begin work. But he demanded one condition. He wants the government to fully believe him and reject the intervention of "experts" other. He also said that a complete draft of this weapon has been created and stored in the archives.
Particle BeamIt sounds, like he was fantasizing Tesla. But they are not. Beam of particles (particle beam) is actually not unusual in the world of science. We used to use this method in this modern life.
Particle beam is actually just a light beam consisting of a variety of electromagnetic waves. One example is the use of laser surgery equipment used to operate on the brain.
However, the emission of particles discussed by Tesla of course has a different level than with a surgical instrument. If weapons of mass destruction it could actually be realized, why Tesla intend to create it?
Tesla appears to have a different view on this weapon.
Weapons of Mass DestructionIn his view, weapons of mass destruction can actually prevent the war. In the year he made his announcement, the recent World War I ended and the world are preparing to enter World War II. Therefore, the Tesla has big ambitions for the world's end conflict and create world peace.
In one letter, Tesla wrote:

"For years, I'm trying to find a solution of humanity's toughest problems, namely how to maintain world peace."
Regarding Tesla Death Ray, he said:

"This discovery will make war impossible. Ray border death will surround each country like an invisible Chinese wall, only," walls "is a million times more difficult to penetrate. This will make any country can not be penetrated by enemy aircraft or ground troops who stormed. "
In other words, according to Tesla, to prevent war we must arm themselves with so great that other countries will carry out the attack to attack.
However, despite the great war imminent, it seems the American government does not intend to realize the idea of ​​Tesla. Some of the Tesla business to offer his ideas to several other countries are also ignored. Interest in the idea began to crumble and be forgotten.
However, when Tesla died, the memory of the Tesla Death Ray back up to the surface. This is because the emergence of a mystery which is quite confusing.
Missing documentsOn January 7, 1943, Tesla died in his hotel room in New York in 3327 on the floor of room 33 at the age of 86 years. Because he never married, property and personal documents he had bequeathed to his family. Not long after his death, the agents of the aliens (illegal immigrants) Property Custodian, the U.S. Justice Department, immediately seized all the documents. This is quite surprising because Tesla was actually an official American citizen. Alien Property Custodian of the operation is recognized by the FBI in its official website.
But the mystery does not end there. When the U.S. government conducted a thorough examination of all documents seized, they could not find any record of the design of the Tesla Death Ray.
In other words, the design of weapons of mass destruction is lost without a trace.
News of the loss of a document that has sparked a race between the United States, Russia and Germany to track his whereabouts. But, until now, the existence of the document is still not known.
Where are these documents? Did Tesla really have a draft?
Where the actual design of the Tesla Death Ray?Some believe that Tesla had destroyed the draft before his death for fear of falling into the wrong hands. Some believe that people close to Tesla has managed to secure the draft before it was confiscated by the government.
Gen. George Keegan, a retired U.S. Air Force intelligence chief, believes that the draft was in the hands of the Soviet government. This suspicion arises because Tesla was also presented the idea to other countries.
When a bid to build a network of Tesla Death Ray did not get a response from the U.S. government, Tesla offered his idea to the UK for 3 million dollars. He promised to make the UK free from enemy attack in just 3 months. The British government also ignored his offer. Then Tesla again tried to offer his ideas, this time to the League of Nations. This attempt also failed.

When other governments think nothing of offering Tesla, considerable interest came from the Soviet Union. It is said that in 1937, one year before Tesla announced his idea to the public, he actually presented it to Amtorg Trading Corporation, one of the Soviet representative in New York.
Two years later, in 1939, Tesla's first phase is known to have tested the idea in front of the Soviet party. Then, Tesla received a check for $ 25,000 from them. But the project was never completed.
There is a theory that Tesla actually did not build the project, but rather just sell the design to the Soviet Union.
This allegation was again reinforced when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979. Rumors say that during the war, Soviet helicopters strange looks off light directed to the Afghanistan army. They are exposed to light were killed instantly and his body did not decompose up to 30 days.
When examining the corpse, the western military believe that the Soviets may have used a new type of gas killer, but many believe that the body condition is a result of electromagnetic weapons that high-powered catapult.
So, maybe the Soviets had succeeded in realizing the design of the Tesla Death Ray and modify it.
Photo of 1980 from American spy satellites that showpossibility of particle weapons installation in Semipalatinsk Russia
In addition to the theory of Russia, many also believe that the real draft is in the hands of government the United States alone.
This theory also has a fairly strong base.
DARPA (Defense Advanced Reasearch Projects Agency), which is one government agency that aims to research new weapons for the military, had actually attempted particle weapons since 1958, 15 years after Tesla's death. They research the exact same principle with the idea of ​​Tesla, although in smaller scale.
However, this project was discontinued for two reasons, namely because the materials required by this monstrous weapon is considered "high risk" and because of the power needed to project a beam that exceeds the capabilities of the standard power plant used in the war.
If these two issues are resolved, this project may be discontinued.
Does this mean the U.S. government has documents Tesla?
Maybe. But it may not. What is being developed by DARPA did not match the Tesla claims about the power of the weapon. Some believe that the Americans did have such a document, but do not have the ability to make it happen.
In addition to conspiracy theories involving the government, many also believe that the design of the Tesla Death Ray actually never existed. According to them, Tesla's Death Ray is just one of those bombastic claims provided by Tesla. Although there is no denying the genius Tesla, but many projects are mentioned never realized.
For example, in 1900, he said if he can cure TB disease with electrical oscillations. In 1927, he said that he plans to control the power of the ocean to be used. Then, in 1931, he claimed that he could make fossil fuels become more valuable with the use of cosmic energy as an alternative fuel. Of course, these claims have never been realized.
So, Tesla Death Ray could be just one of the other boast Tesla.
Even though the design is there, it is understandable why the government refused. Tesla's ideas about the possibility of peace if the weapon is implemented so unreasonable. Indeed, a country that put Tesla Death Ray will be safe from attack aircraft. However, it certainly will not be safe from the attacks silently.
If I was a leader of a country and decide to invade another country, then the first thing I would do is send a strike force secretly to destroy the Tesla Death Ray in the country first before sending a squadron of fighter planes.
Moreover, Tesla has a supposition that all the leaders of the country are peace-loving leader. He did not think about the possibility of the use of such weapons as a tool to attack by a dictator. If a country put Tesla Death Ray and decided to attack its neighbors, then they will very easily steer the weapon to destroy a commercial aircraft.
Thus, war becomes inevitable.
So, it looks like a great idea also has a big flaw.
If now, 67 years after Tesla's death, we still have not seen the realization of the Tesla Death Ray, it seems we should be grateful, and anyone who stores up to now has been that design do good for the world.