Old date?oh god i dont have money anymore!

Old date is the day that do not want to face anyone. Yet somehow as well, this is sure to happen. But different people, different behavior is also in the face of an old date. Here is the behavior of people in the old date.
The BossEven though he's the boss, but before the date of their parents are also going to be dizzy. But the headache vary with you anyway. He's not going to eat a headache this afternoon, but a headache thinking about your payday. Moreover, if income is less good offices this month. Usually the old dates so the boss would be cranky and difficult to be disturbed. Typically also, they become more sensitive, rather angry, and began to like to have people to do jobs that are less obvious.
The PoorThese are the people who was really affected by the old date. Usually when they say they have no money, they've not had a real money or real already minimal and just enough for transport. In the old date is usually the poor will refuse all invitations to lunch and bring lunch every day until the time payday.
The Tailor oweIt is the poor who do not want to accept the fact that on the date the old he had not had the money. Usually when the old date, the Junior owe it here and there would be distraught nyari utangan because he had bought the goods / want to buy goods / want spree Spree. Make quite angry anyway in the old date, especially if you are owed turn and you also happen to not have money anymore.
The Poor And The
pleaded not
These are people who for the sake of solidarity not have money right ngakunya old date. Though actually, he wrote still take it easy because he was always frugal and diligent saving. You all must know dong, sparing the base of the rich. Such people are usually like to tout not have the money right on the old, but fit again for lunch, you caught him eating out rather expensive. Does make a bit cranky, but it's up to her dong. It's her money, why you are sensi anyway? So diligent saving dong, I'll fit the old date still can eat expensive.
The Wealthy and WiseThese are people who not overtly affected by the old date and he's not ashamed to admit it. In fact, she does not hesitate to advise you that the date by now already poor. He will teach you the importance of saving and managing your finances for a brighter future and to live a happy. He will also have to you to you to start investing into gold, mutual funds, or insurance. Then he would selling book, make a seminar, a TV show, and getting richer, while you admire him from afar, while still poor.chicken without fur