chicken without feathers??

A geneticist Israel, Avigdor Cahaner, produce genetically featherless chicken first in the world in the genetics faculty Rehovot Agronomy Institute near Tel Aviv, Israel. Chicken with bare skin was created by interbreeding between the species Broiler Chickens chickens have featherless necks.

The idea behind the development of the naked chicken poultry species is aimed at producing a more efficient, the chicken can survive in hot climate countries, in other words, the chicken is no longer needed the air conditioner will save maintenance costs cut chicken.
And of course, the chicken is no need of hair removal before processing, thus cutting production costs at the processing plant.
But many who oppose genetic innovations hairless cock and said that the changes do not benefit the animal, and in fact likely to make life a naked chickens are even worse.
Roosters can not afford to marry because they can not flap their wings for balance, and this also affects the hen.
Because chickens are not hairy, chickens are more susceptible to parasites, skin diseases, mosquito attacks, variations in temperature and sunburn.

Professor Avigdor Cahaner, defended the generation of naked chicken by saying,"This is not a genetically engineered chicken, it comes from the natural offspring whose characteristics have been known for 50 years, I just helped him to rapidly grow. Chicken broiler chickens is normal, except for the fact it has no feathers."
The scientists also hope the new generation will grow faster because it does not need to use energy to grow body hair, so the chicken will focus on the food to be absorbed so that the chicken meat could be heavier.
News of the first feathered chicken munculpada 2002, and since then no more new things to be heard. The lack of updates in the media about the special chicken showed that the creation of Mr Cahaner was never commercially breed.
Genetic Programming is actually a chicken without feathers have been made since 2002, and news of new developments on the mini chicken without feathers show naked chicken genetics can not be developed for commercial markets