Funny Things about Google

Google, who does not know ... Well sometimes there are still a few people who still use yahoo for searching, but now in the eyes of the world, google is a powerful .. regardless of this giant figure turned out they had a unique history ..
A. Larry Page and Sergey Brin initially hostile.For people who are equally intelligent, LP and SB are the two people who often argue with each other even for small matters such as who should close the door or who is more used to read newspapers. Tiff is often interfere with their fraternity brothers friends. Apparently they were fighting not for hating each other, but they get used to each other competitively. After all, their little quarrels always ended laughing together
2. Sergey Brin more flirtatious than Larry PageIf women's affairs, Larry Page is more conservative than Sergey Brin.
3. Google founders never frustrating.After a row is rejected AltaVista, Excite, and (last) Yahoo, LP and SB are equally frustrating. Create a Page Technology RankGoogle as they wither before it develops. They never dreamed that Google would be by now. At that thought they were just one: as soon as possible complete their Phd and improve Google on the way. Even sangking frustration, Google had not glimpsed for 1 week.
4. LP and SB Pressured when Eric Schmidt on Google's first office.SB LP and abetting work on Eric by handing out free of charge the credit card company to its employees. Of course Eric dizziness, and additional work: pull back the credit card of the karyawanyang also trying to hide. The other day Eric dikerjai with a sudden there is a pay phone in his office. Refrigerator and also massage chairs. If Eric does not have a sense of humor, he might go ballistic. But he was conscious of being dikerjai two founders. So sing sane relented ....
5. False stories for company nameGoogle's real name was published by the company as one writes a story from the word Googol, which means the number 1 followed by 100 zeros into Google. In fact, according to the leaked one of his early employees of Google, said Google actually comes from the word "Go Girl!", Where Sergey Brin someday get the idea while watching a sporting event with a shouting Cherleader Go Girl! Go Girl! (Gogel) doubted the story is supported by two facts: Sergey Brin likes to watch the Cherleader, and second: Google sponsoring the Cherleader by installing Google writing on the shirt of the Cherleader. Why need to be made a false story that makes sense, because the negative connotations GoGirl not fit the image of the company if one wanted to go public.

6. Larry Page wants to make auto Transport, Sergey Brin to create a colony on Mars.It later was fully realized. At least, trying to achieve. Larry started with the idea of ​​an electric car project, the idea is realized by Sergey Project Virgle.
7. A ~ which is more powerful than a * are rarely used.Formerly in the days of DOS is still glorious, a * very useful to find all files that certain named. Now in its DOS-era Internet (Google) then a ~ replaces the wildcard function with a little bit important difference: more intelligent. A ~ if typed in front of a particular word, it means that we menginginkanGoogle to find all data related to specific keywords and synonyms. For example ~ motor, then all pages containing the words motor and its synonyms, such as motorcycle show, motorcycle, or motor boat will be displayed.