Sukhoi Superjet 100 Crash in Indonesia

This entrepreneur rushed to Halim. Wednesday afternoon May 9, 2012. Wearing a blue short-sleeved safari shirt, he went with his wife and children. Arrive at Air Force base was ahead of noon. There is an invitation from the company's Tri Rekatama Marga.Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft introductions. The plane was Russian-made.

Arrived at Halim they rushed to fill the guest book. There was a lot of invitations. He had seen the Sukhoi aircraft on display was. From the outside looks good. The plane was parked.

After shaking hands with officials of Sukhoi, the entrepreneur with his wife and son on the plane. He praised the plane. Good interior design. The chairs also look shiny.Understandably the new aircraft. The new distance of 15 500 km. Can carry 98 people.

Impressed with the model plane, the businessmen had their pictures taken. Inside and on the plane. Photographed standing in the aisle aircraft. Wearing sunglasses.Blackberry mengenggam left hand.
He also had time to sit in the front seat. From the chair he heard the pilot was talking with a co-pilot. Both talk about the route the plane that was about to air. Which direction to take. Toward the mountains or the beach. That's all I heard. The rest he's seen more of the interior.

The employer is then offered to fly. Try how good it soar with Sukhoi. He was tempted, but there is a meeting that afternoon. So do not hesitate. Last minute flight or landing again and drove right down to the office. Staff is waiting for a meeting.

Feel free to choose, he then asked his wife. The wife does not agree. Do not want to fly.The reason, one hour flying time fairly long. Advised as soon as he obedient. They then go down. Kept going to the office. Sukhoi's two o'clock on the air.

A half hour later, he heard the news that makes the feverish chills. The plane lost contact.Repeatedly contacted the airport but not bersahut. In his office, the businessman was immediately slumped. "I immediately bowed gratefully," he said. The plane was later found crashed on Mount Salak. Shattered. All passengers were killed.

And entrepreneurs who are lucky it is Suharso Manoarfa, former Minister of Housing.After the minister step down October 12, 2011, Suharso it back to the business world.He also penetrated the airline business. His company was needed aircraft. For flights in eastern Indonesia.

Halim came to Wednesday afternoon, Suharso Sukhoi aircraft was about to see. If the match may be purchased. Although not yet decided to buy it or not, Suharso claim valuable lessons from this case. "If we do not feel desperate," he said. (Read: Clear For Advice Wife).

In addition to a number of invitations Suharso also canceled flight with the fateful plane.Miscellaneous why. There are too late for Jakarta stuck in traffic, some are too late to know about the invitation.

Some are lucky but many are fatal. One is Husdiana Wiganda. Senior Pilot and Operations Manager Air Kartika. One of her relatives, Afrizal, Husdiana told that it should come first flight. At 10 am.
Sukhoi was indeed on the air twice. The first ten and the second at 2 pm it. The first flight was followed by VIP guests. Husdiana unfortunately can not participate in that first flight. "There are items left behind at the office," said Afrizal.

Items left behind for the sake of it, he was forced to return to the office. Then decided to take a second flight. At two o'clock that afternoon. Husdiana not alone. There are 45 people, including flight crew - who took the second flight. Guest book of records, five of whom are journalists.

One journalist was ISMI Sunarto of Trans TV. ISMI's father, Sikun Hadisoenarto, claimed not to have any inkling about his son. It's just really strange there. The night before boarding the plane, ISMI requested prayer for his life while covering.

ISMI called his father at 12 am. "He asked for prayer, hopefully smoothly and safely," said Sikun with stammering voice to restrain tears. And that was the last contact with his daughter's Sikun. The father realized his son lost contact after a call from Trans TV. In fact, Sikun said while laughing tears, should be Wednesday, May 9, 2012 is the last day of training ISMI.
Sukhoi is the mainstay aircraft of the Russian state. The name was taken from the name Pavel Sukhoi Osipovich. This man was born July 22, 1895 in a small village near the town of Vitebsk, now known as Belarus. Sukhoi is a disciple of Andrey Tupolev, is known as a pioneer of aviation technology in the country's Leo Tosltoy.
In 1953, Sukhoi fighter aircraft began to develop a new platform. This is the most advanced fighter jet of the country. His name was later immortalized in the name of the fighter. He died 15 September 1975.
Later, Russia wants to get into the business of civil aviation. Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft that crashed on Mount Salak is a part of this great project. This aircraft made Sukhoi Civil Aircarft. The company came to Indonesia to promote kecangihan plane.(See Infografik: Sukhoi Superjet 100, Russia Mainstay)
The plane had also been declared airworthy. On June 2011, has received a certificate from the Russian Certification Institute (IACAR). And February 2012, this aircraft is certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Pocketed two certificates, the aircraft factory was then promoted to a number of countries.
Before arriving in Jakarta, the plane was already in a state campaign. So it soar a few times. And in Jakarta, he is already successful on the first flight was at 10. He was on the air about 40 minutes. Transported are entrepreneurs and VIPs.
Success on the first flight, he was off the air at two o'clock in the afternoon. Not long in the air he lost contact. "Aircraft take off to the Port of Queen at 14:12, 14:33 o'clock lost contact," said the head of the National SAR Agency. Marshal Daryatmo.
Just before contact is lost, the plane contacted air traffic control officer (air traffic control) Soekarno Hatta Airport. "Get down from 10 thousand to six thousand feet," said Daryatmo. The plane, piloted by Aleksandr Aleksandr Kechetkov Yablontsev and co-pilot suddenly lost contact.
Called many times not bersahut. Because it's not bersahut SAR team immediately mobilized two helicopters to Mount Salak. But the weather was bad. Then the search is stopped late afternoon. (See: "Death Route" Aircraft on Mount Salak)
The plane had been found on Thursday morning, May 10, 2012. At eight over 30 minutes. The plane crashed into the cliffs of Mount Salak. His condition has been shattered. Location search and rescue team found the wreckage. They flew to the Super Puma helicopter.
The peak of Mount Salak, there are three. Cliff that was hit was on the summit of Mount Salak I. The peak was as high as 7253 feet. "This place is exactly what we expected when the coordinates of lost contact," said Daryatmo. According to him, on top of existing pieces of the aircraft Sukhoi logo. But the SAR team was already approaching.The weather is very bad.
Friday afternoon the team was fortunate to successfully penetrate the location that's hard. The plane broke into pieces. The bodies of the passengers was also intact. The team found dozens of bodies. "There are no survivors," said the gallant Carey, a spokesman for the National SAR Agency.
The plane was found. Victims were evacuated. That remains now is to find a reason why a comparatively advanced aircraft that can be completed at the Mount Salak. The reasons are found to be important that the lessons and not repeat itself later on.
Authorities such as the National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) are currently investigating. Black boxes that record may be relied upon good cause havoc that is being sought. Is now developing the analysis, provisional estimates based on recent communications with the pilot Air Traffic Control (ATC) and field conditions.
Istruktur former Hercules pilot, which is also the son of aviation hero Halim Perdanakusuma - Vice Marshal (ret.) Ian Santoso Perdanakusuma said that her students used to practice flying on Mount Salak it. And it's been years.
Gunung Salak is selected, he said, because the area was deserted. Quiet from traffic aircraft. There was no flight from Jakarta via in situ. Moreover, there exists Atang Sanjaya Air Field. So easy to fall if an emergency.
Why can safely practice there. Ian explained that there are two guidelines to be saved.Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) and Visual Flight Rules (VHR). If the weather on Mount Salak inhospitable, he forbade his students to fly in under 10 thousand feet. "For seven thousand feet high mountain," said the former head of the Strategic Intelligence Agency President Abdurrahman Wahid.
If forced to go down any of the conditions. Lowest eight thousand feet. There should not be less. Therefore wondered why Ian asked Sukhoi pilot dropped from a height of 10 thousand to six thousand. He thought the pilot chose down because the weather was bad. But he did not blame the pilot. "Maybe he did not know the terrain on Mount Salak," he said. So the bad weather could be one possible cause of this catastrophe.
But permits fell to a six thousand foot that is now a question of certain people. Sunaryo of PT Trimarga Rekatama, questioned why the request was granted. "The pilot asked for permission but allowed to go down," he said.
National SAR Agency to answer that question. They argue that the pilot is allowed down to six thousand feet. According to a spokesman for Search and Rescue team, dashing Carey, tower at Soekarno Hatta really not allow that request. "He's just a report to the ATC down to six thousand. Has not been answered by the tower he was hit, "he said.
When the request came in, said the gallant, the plane was traveling at a speed of 800 km / h. Asked the pilot down, he said, because of very bad weather on top. Thick fog.When the last contact with the airport, the plane was to avoid heavy clouds.
Bad weather was recorded Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN).Portray the work of the institution that when Sukhoi passing cloud covered Mount Salak was 100 percent. MTSAT satellite observation also suggests that the very bad weather as the plane passed by. There is a thick cloud over there. So it's very bad weather in the form of thick clouds that could disrupt flights.
Besides the bad weather there is suspicion of other causes. Vacuum. Rescue Coordinator PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Bambang Munardi, confirmed that the aircraft may enter the vacuum. That's why he asked for permission to fall. "So he went down drastically in a very short time," he said. And fall dramatically in a fast tempo is difficult.
Pilot, Bambang said, should have a special ability to stabilize the aircraft. The aircraft must also be equipped with technology to address such situations. Bambang confirmed that analyze causes of this catastrophe must also know the technology of the aircraft and pilot records.
That is why, says the head of the NTSC Tatang Kurniadi, they will mengandeng NTSC Russia in investigating this case. "According to international procedures for Indonesia which will lead this team," he said. NTSC Team Russia itself has come to Indonesia.
Russian authorities themselves provide the possibility for third in this accident. Human error. "Experts say all equipment is functioning properly," said Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Rogozin, told RIA Novosti how, Thursday, May 10, 2012.
In other words, he asserted, "It's caused by human error," said Rogozin, who produced 2007 aircraft is a competitive plane and has a bright future.
According to the Christian Science Monitor, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 Sukhoi's known as a plane without a history of accidents. The only negative note is the March of flight cancellations from Moscow to the city of Astrakhan, near the Caspian Sea, due to interference with the aircraft wheel.

But last week, this aircraft also had ground out in the city of Kazan, Russia. The aircraft also was grounded due to air conditioning problems. Airline Aeroflot Russian origin who have used this plane, said passenger Sukhoi Superjet has never been in danger.

This aircraft had been used by the two countries. Russian airline Aeroflot first by 2012.Being the other one airline Armavia, Armenia, in April 2011.

"Death Route" Aircraft on Mount Salak

The aircraft often disappear into the mistand then fell destroyedBermuda Triangle-like?
Juanda raised her head to the sky. Her eyes have witnessed a low flying plane, the closest he's ever seen over 50 years of his life. Iron bird was big and white. To the east, to Mount Salak."The plane looks great oblique, straight, oblique. Rough voice rumbled, "he told VIVAnews, Wednesday, May 9, 2012.Juanda remember that moment the clock at 3 pm, Wednesday, May 9, 2012. Raining. "I feel strange, really bad weather the plane passed by," he said. Before long, the plane disappeared from view. Dark and dense fog.A few hours later, he heard the news, there is a missing plane on Mount Salak.Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, Jakarta, at the same time there was panic. Sukhoi Superjet-100 (SSJ-100) that do the "joy flight" kloter second, route-Halim Port Queen, suddenly lost contact. The plane disappeared from radar about 20 minutes after takeoff.Take off at 14:12 pm, missing at 14:33 pm. In fact, the first demo flight kloter success.Approximately 40 minutes flight, the plane back to Halim.Sukhoi declared missing at 06:43:08 coordinates S and 106.43.15 BSN. "When asked dropped from a height of 10,000 to 6,000 feet, it disappeared from radar. Coordinates around Bogor, "said Head of Public Relations of the National SAR Agency, dashing Carey in conversation with VIVAnews on Wednesday.Why the pilot asked for permission falls from a height of 10,000 meters, is still a mystery.At that time, the difficult terrain and bad weather, heavy rain and fog block the search plane. Families are worried and came to the airbase, the evacuation team helpless against the forces of nature to make Wednesday night was tense.Until the next day, from the observation helicopter, the aircraft visible debris scattered on the steep cliffs Salak I, with a slope of 85 degrees, almost perpendicular. There Sukhoi symbol there. Wreckage found at the expected point, 0642612 and 10644412 at an altitude of 2,500 feet, 3.5 miles from Cijeruk.Steep terrain make evacuation hindered it. New third day, on Friday morning around 10:00 am, the team managed to collect a number of those killed. Their condition is so pathetic.One member of the evacuation team, Marine Lt. Col. Julianto Oni described the condition of the scattered bodies of the victims. "There are gathered in one place, some are still on the cliff, with tragic circumstances," he said.Some of the victims suffered serious injuries, torn body parts, some are relatively still recognizable. "There could be sex, dress some of the victims still clung to his body," he said. Based on the condition of the body, to say the plane had not exploded after hitting a cliff. "There's nothing to burn. From the condition of the body, such as the clash of the hard object," he added.Death on Mount SalakSalak mountain has three peaks: Salak I with a height of 2211 meters, Salak II 2180 meters and 1926 meters altitude Sumbul Peak. Indeed he is not a high mountain. But the terrain is quite heavy.Rafiq Pontoh, SAR experts understand right about that. In 1987 then, he had to evacuate the bodies of six climbers, in exactly the same location. "To go down it takes a minimum of 5 hours or up to Sand Pogor Loji. That was our first experience, "he told AFP. The condition is complicated because the evacuation teams to transport the bodies of victims.Until Friday night, the natural question is still a major obstacle. Danrem White Rhino 061, Col. Infantry AM Putranto said, the bodies of the victims has been put into a body bag 12. Six has been brought to the shelter, the rest are still in the valley. Evacuation by land is more likely than the air. Post embryo brought to a chain, then flown by helicopter to the airbase.Then why did the plane crash is often repeated in the vicinity of Mount Salak?Because it is not a tragedy similar to the first Sukhoi. On October 10, 2002, Trike-engine plane crashed in MCC 098 Lido, Bogor, one person was killed.A year later, October 29, 2003, the turn-58T helicopter Sikorsky S Twinpac Air Force crashed in Kemang district, Bogor. Seven people died at that time.In 2004, there were two deadly accidents on Mount Salak. First, 15 April 2004, the aircraft experienced paragliding Red Baron's GT 500 Aero Sport Lido. Two were killed when the plane crashed in Wates Jaya village, Cijeruk district, Bogor Regency.The second accident occurred in the year June 20, 2004. Five were killed when a Cessna 185 crashed in Lake Lido Skywagon, Cijeruk.Three years later, Casa 212 Air Force plane crashed on Mount Salak at an altitude of 4,200 feet above sea level on June 26, 2008. A total of 18 lives lost. Then, the fateful re-occur, override trainer aircraft Donner's Flight Training Centre in Kampung waterfall that falls Cibunar, Tenjo village, Tenjo subdistrict, Bogor regency on 30 April 2009. Three people were killed.On Wednesday, November 16, 2011, a Cessna 172 owned by PT Nusa C International Flying School. The plane was found two weeks later, on 29 November 2011. Three crew members, M. Fikriansyah (19) and the Great Hidalgo (30) was found dead in the wreckage.Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) Tatang Kurniadi admitted, only this time it was investigating a plane crash on Mount Salak. "So, we can not say what the cause," he told the causes of Gunung Salak, Tatang said, it may be influenced by the altitude."From the sea breeze came in freely, hit the same hill, then drops down into Bogor. For more details, ask at the meteorology, "he added.Gunung Salak is vulnerable. Madjid Suharto aviation observers said there was a scientifically extreme conditions. "Is it the accumulation of power and wind," he said.In the topography of West Java, not just the Mount Salak-prone. In the past 30 years, in addition to Mount Salak, also of Mount Ciremai, Mist Mountain Region. The region, he added, often shrouded in thick fog. There is often lost contact and the plane disappeared from radar."It's a certain volcanic quite vulnerable to the flight path. As if the field is in Bahorok, no wind Bahorok," he said.However, he said, airlines must pay attention to the height of the mountain, side wind conditions, and the potential of local rainfall. "As in the mountains of West Java, if you fall fog can reduce visibility. If you can hit a low flying mounts. Due to maneuver away, it takes time, a short distance. It is often experienced by our pilots, "he said.Satellite monitoring of the National Aeronautics and Space Institute (LAPAN), there are thick clouds columbus active when passing Mount Salak Sukhoi aircraft at around 14:33 pm. Gunung Salak satellite data recorded up to 100 percent covered with clouds.Convection index of about 30, which means that location is being poured rain. That is, bad weather wrap Salak.Similar "Bermuda Triangle"?Rescue Coordinator PT Dirgantara Indonesia Bambang Sukhoi Superjet suspect Munardi-100 crashed into a vacuum because, at an altitude between 10,000 feet to 6000 feet."Get down drastically in a relatively short time, very difficult aircraft to survive in that condition," he said. In these conditions, the pilot must have a special skill to stabilize the aircraft. Of course, the aircraft must also have the technology to overcome this problem.The existence of a vacuum, and the fact some of the aircraft did not work, raising speculation of a large magnetic field in the vicinity of Mount Salak.Mirip like the Bermuda Triangle, the imaginary line between the three regions, namely Bermuda, San Juan - Puerto Rico, and Miami, which became " grave "dozens of ships and aircraft.But the allegations were denied by the Head of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) Surono. He said the plane passed over the mountain and into the vacuum, it could be because of the clouds and the wind pressure was so strong."Factor in the wind above the height of the mountain, the cause of the plane was in a vacuum, so it was not because the earth's magnetic or so-called 'Bermuda Triangle'," said Surono.Geologist Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) Budi Brahmantyo have a similar opinion. The magnetic field at Mount Salak is not unusual. If Sukhoi was hurt due to the magnetic field, the powerful pull will affect the surrounding area. "I think the earthquake will occur, and even a tower on Mount Salak gets sucked magnetic field," he added. But what happened was not the case.Budi added, the fall of the Sukhoi in Bogor is probably caused by the air pressure is changing so rapidly over the crater. "That's my view in geology," he said.Fateful plane itself, as suggested Russian government, in good condition when flying.They believe the tragedy was caused by human factors. "Experts said all the equipment is working," said Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Rogozin, told Ria Novosti, Thursday, 10 May 2012. "In other words, is caused by human error."According to Rogozin, produced since 2007 Sukhoi aircraft this is a competitive, bermasa bright future. The cause of his accident on Mount Salak was still dark. Russian Investigation Committee will be investigating every possibility: the preparation of the technical condition of the crew until the aircraft. Especially, before he was sent from the land of the ice bear to Indonesia
Aircraft used in Indonesia is a replacement aircraft.
Sukhoi Superjet-100 is used for the demo flight in Indonesia reportedly is not the same as that used in other countries, Kazakhstan and Pakistan. "Joy flight" both of Halim Perdanakusuma Air Field turned into a tragedy, when it crashed into a steep cliff peawat Gunung Salak.Russian news sites, RIA Novosti, reported Tuesday, May 15, 2012, Sukhoi with registration number 97 005, who previously also held a demonstration flight in Kazakhstan and Pakistan, in fact planned to be flown in Indonesia on Wednesday, May 9, 2012, as part of a tour of six countries.LifeNews television website quoted Tulyakov Alexander, Deputy Director of the United Aviation Corporation (UAC) writes that the aircraft used in Indonesia is 97 004 aircraft with registration number, one digit different from a plane that is used in some countries.Why the plane had to be replaced in the middle of the road?The problem is on the plane. An engine oil leak during maintenance on Sunday, May 6, 2012 to force the committee to replace the aircraft with the same jet. According Tulyakov, the organizers had only a few hours to prepare the aircraft.Spokesman for the Sukhoi SSJ-100 planes to also confirm the replacement. However, no further details about the reason.Is the Russian media, Moskovskiy Komsomolets and Kommersant reported that the first time the aircraft differences. The aircraft is undergoing flight demo in Kazakhstan and Pakistan numbered 97 005, while the model that was flown in Indonesia numbered 97 004, one digit different."Why did the aircraft it replaced, I can not say," the source told the newspaper. "But if the first plane flying demo was not allowed to continue there must be a reason." This information as well as break the assumption, that the planes used in the four countries, including Indonesia is the same plane.Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Rogozin last week issued a statement that the alleged "human factor" into the cause of the accident. Instead, head of the UAC, Mikhail Pogosyan said, is still very premature to blame the pilot.

"Black Box" Sukhoi Submitted to Basarnas

Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC), Tatang Kurniadisaid it could reveal the cause of the crash of Sukhoi Superjet 100 in Mount SalakWest JavaNTSC take 12 months to uncover the cause of the accident this Russian-madesteel birds.

"The investigation was undertaken in Indonesia," said Tatang during a press conferenceat Halim Perdanakusuma air baseTuesday, May 15, 2012.

Tatang confirmedNTSC able to analyze the black box or black box to find the cause ofthe crash a plane carrying 45 people.

"We have the ability, we can," said TatangHe added that the investigation carried outin the black box maker if Indonesia - a country where the accident occurred - can not afford or have difficulty analyzing the contents.

According to TatangNTSC will be cautious in revealing the cause of this accident"Let no one claimTwo months for their comments (the Sukhoi). Four months at the earliest,"he said.

"If NTSC no blamedo not jump to conclussionOnce we jump to conclussion reputationin the eyes of the world we fall," he said.
"You lose as a nation of Indonesia. So do fishing-rod NTSC answer that question (about the black box)," he added.

Until nowthe NTSC claimed to have held the black box of Sukhoi Superjet 100 that crashed into a cliff on Mount SalakWednesday, May 9, 2012Until nowthe evacuation process is still ongoingThere has been a body bag 29 which has been successfullyevacuated to the RS Police Kramat JatiJakarta.
Family stories hysterically Death Sukhoi Pilot

Heart-rending scenes look at the Halim Perdanakusuma Air Field, Thursday, May 9, 2012 last. Families of those afflicted with worry about the fate of loved ones, was hysterical when she heard the news Sukhoi Superjet-100 lost contact certainly hit the steep cliffs of Mount Salak. Russian-made iron bird shattered.Sorrow was also seen when the family watched one after the body bag was taken to Kramat Jati Police Hospital.Sadness does not belong to 35 families of passengers and crew members of Indonesian nationality. Grief also across oceans and continents, to France, the United States, also Russia. One family felt the aircraft pilot, Alexandr Yablontsev (57).On the fateful day, the parents Yablontsev not been at home in Maikop, they're in Moscow, at the residence Yablontsev. Already a tradition, visiting the grandchildren on Victory Day is celebrated every May 9.Sad news the plane lost contact and crashed too fierce of heart they have hit the elderly, aged about 86 years. Nikolai Antonovich and Mary Panteleimonovna torn shock.As the site loaded Russia, Life News, ambulances and doctors directly imported into an apartment that is decorated in the star's door. "We immediately called an ambulance. Heart of the old and unable to withstand the shocks sedahsyat. Better them under the supervision of physicians," said one officer in the District Schelkovskogo, Moscow."They're very worried, bad news came in a row. I do not know how they can survive in a tragedy like this." Currently, the elderly couple kept two two grandchildren, Igor (30) and Marina (27), both children Yablontsev.While the heavy shock of his parents, wife Yablontsev, Tatyana and her children remain convinced, whatever happens, the pilot has done his best, however the situation when the accident occurred. They continue to expect a miracle, though thinner over time.Enshrined in the school museumAs the site loaded, sorrow also feel the teachers and pupils School No. 3 Maikop, where Alexandr Yablontsev been studying.They bowed their heads, a moment of silence in memory of the tragedy that killed one of the best graduates. Alexandr Yablontsev name is also recorded in the history of the school. Written there: "Alexandr Yablontsev, died in a flying demo May 9, 2012".Although there are suggestions that the accident occurred due to human factors, the school did not want to hear anything that might tarnish the memory of his former student was quiet. "For us, Alexandr remains a hero. We will always tell the story of his life to his students, about the figure of a bold and assertive," said one teacher.Alexandr Yablontsev graduated from the school in 1972, after which he continued his education at the Higher Military Air School, Armavir.Before the tragedy occurred, the reputation of being a pilot does not need to be questioned. He is a master of 45 types of aircraft, from the supersonic MiG-25 to the popular Boeing 737 commercial aircraft and TU-204.Yablontsev is the first pilot Sukhoi Superjet-100, when the aircraft first flight in 2008 - when the first Russian-built aircraft post-collapse of the Soviet Union two decades ago, a new passing test.Alexandr Yablontsev even a cosmonaut training in March 1989 until April 1991, is projected as a pilot the space shuttle Buran.Space Shuttle Buran was the Soviet Union's analog. Buran had just completed one unmanned space flight in 1988, before the program was canceled in 1993.Unfortunately, he did not get to outer space. After that he returned to flight school Akhtubinsk and work in a number of commercial airlines. Being a pilot test of SSJ-100 is the last career.