AREA 51? What is that?

Is a research center where scientists conduct research activities that are equipped with various facilities and devices needed to support the achievement of goals and objectives of the study. In general, every developed or developing countries are very concerned to have a research center.

Advances in science and technology in a country, is also determined by the results of research developed by the country concerned. Such as the Research Center for Science and Technology (Puspitek) Serpong, is a research center owned by Indonesia. Within this area there are many research facilities in the shadow of government institutions, such as LIPI, BATAN, BPPT, LAPAN, which continues to research and develop science and technology to peaceful purposes.
Of the many research centers are internationally renowned, is Area 51, a military testing facility and the development of a highly secret (top secret), which is operated by the United States Air Force. Area 51 is located in the area of ​​training and testing in Nevada. Location Area 51 is located in Lincoln Country is 115.5 km north of Las Vegas with an area of ​​103 square kilometers range.
Area 51 was founded in 1955 that was originally intended to test the development of spy planes the United States U-2 Series is newly created. U-2 aircraft can fly up to 70 000 feet altitude. During the U-2 operations have been flying freely over the territory of the Soviet Union until the end of the U-2 plane was shot down in 1960. Finally, U-2 painted black in the 1960s. As for the fool as if the apparition of an unknown celestial body called UFO (Unditified Flying Object), a U-2 painted with a shiny silver color. Since then the Area 51 continues to evolve and be used for a variety of developing a project called Project Black (Black Project) consisting of a series Blackbird aircraft, serial Stealth Fighter and Stealth series Boomber. Blackbird is a continuation of the series U-2 series which started in 1962 with the design of type A-12 and SR-71. For example, type SR-71 has reached a cruising speed of 3500 km / h with an effective cruising altitude of 4830 km.

Stealth Fighter series is the first stealth fighter aircraft designed in the late 1970's. The aircraft was operating very well at night. Type that is known is the F-117 Nighthawk. Stealth or Stealth Series is an idea that the aircraft free of radar. Aircraft cruising speed is around 1040 km / h with a good height as far as 2110 km. Achievement of operation has been demonstrated in the Gulf War and was commissioned to carry out the targets that have been cooked.
Boomber Stealth series is a continuation of the stealth aircraft Stealth Fighter series which has been developed extensively. Stealth aircraft known series is the type of Black Manta and B2. Cruising faster and more elusive on the radar of the Stealth Fighter series. Although even so, the attack strategy is dependent on information from the target.
Currentlyused for  future projects to develop anti-radar technology (Stealth Technology), unmanned surveillance aircraft (UAVs or Unmanned aerial vehicles) and aircraft (UCAVs, Unmanned combat aerial vehicles), allows to surf with high speed cruising area very high, known as "AURORA". Because the planes are unmanned, the plane is believed to be driven with tremendous speed. In other words, men that can really make a celestial body is unknown. Along with it came again the idea of ​​developing X-33 spacecraft that technology has not been tested. However, X-33 spacecraft was believed to be a version of Aurora that is WHITE (for the sake of peace).