First SMS (Short Message service) in The world

Experts have discussed the possibility of sending text messages via mobile phones since the 1980s. Then in early 1985, in a discussion led by an expert named J Audestad decided to make the service or SMS text messaging has become one of cellular telephones that use the GSM system.
Then on December 3, 1992, the world's first SMS sent by the network operator's GSM phones called Vodafone. The first SMS is sent by an expert named Neil Papwort using a computer to Richard Jarvis. Content of the text first sent it reads 'Merry Christmas' (Merry Christmas).
While SMS was first sent using GSM-based cellular phone is claimed to be done by an engineering student at Nokia (manufacturer of mobile phone devices), named Riku Pihkonen. Commercially, SMS was first launched in Los Angeles by a company called Logica in June 1993. Similar business and then also run by a company called Telenor in Norway and BT Cellnet in the UK in the same year.
When first developed, the use of SMS has not been socialized as they are now. At that time, the average phone user sends only 0.4 GSM SMS per month. This occurs because the facility to send SMS when it is still very limited.
But in its development, SMS became a very important part in human life. In a surprise development of the use of SMS in 2000. At that time, every GSM mobile phone users send 35 SMS per month. In 2006, the benefits achieved by all GSM operators around the world of SMS business reached 60 billion U.S. dollars. Average price in the world of SMS delivery 0.11 U.S. dollars.
In Indonesia, now the use of SMS has also changed the way many human lives. Birthday, happy new year, wal faizin aidhin minal, and so forth, no longer always be delivered via a card, but via SMS. Wedding invitations, meeting invitation, the invitation of salvation, as well as more delivered via SMS.