Hundreds Year-Old Tombs in Mamasa, West Sulawesi

Hundreds of the human frame that is allegedly descendants of the first man and first Mamasa custom figures in the West Sulawesi. Until now the frame is still stored neatly in a wooden tomb statues in the form of a buffalo or a boat called Tedong-Tedong minanga.

Tedong-Tedong minanga or grave-Tedong Tedong located in the village of Balla dead end, Mamasa, this, it is estimated around 400 years old. It is not much literature that can explain the origins and philosophy of the existence of grave-Tedong Tedong now diperlihara local governments as one of the oldest attractions in Sulbar it.
But one of the authors write berkebangsaan Netherlands Ingeborg Gohlich Toraja people that flourished in the past suffered shipwreck Sulbar having left his native Cambodia. Ruins his ship pulled into the ground and used as a home occupancy. This boat model that can significantly influence the form of houses Mamasa.
This graveyard is no longer receive a new body to be buried in this location. Buffalo and a boat-shaped tombs laden with philosophy of life of the citizens Mamasa now become one of the cultural sites Sulbar pride.