Kaaba as the Center of the Earth

Hussain Kamel, discovered a surprising fact bahawa Mecca is the center of the earth. At first he was researching a way to determine the direction of the Qibla in major cities in the world.
For that purpose, he drew lines on maps, and after that he studied carefully the position of seventh continent against Mecca and distance respectively.
He began to draw parallel lines to facilitate the project only the longitude and latitude. He was amazed with what was found, bahawa Mecca is the center of the earth or the world. (Al-Arabiyyah Magazine, issue 237, Ogos, 1978).

Kaaba as the center of the Earth: Consider the direction of arrows from every direction over the earth, all Muslims do worship with the Central lead to one (Qibla) that is the Kaaba, both at the time of prayers as well as fulfilling one of the pillars of Hajj, which is Tawaf. This is the same as the movement of the Earth and other planets are centered on the Sun, or the same as the movement of the Sun and stars are centered at one point to form a group or collection of stars or called by the direction of rotation of the star Galaksi.Setiap -stars, planets and other objects in these galaxies form a circle / around a center in the opposite direction-clockwise, in accordance with the laws / regulations in performing Tawaf ritual of Hajj in one.
Satellite images that appear later in the 90's and natijah emphasize the same results, as further studies leading to the layers of Earth's topography and geography of the land when it was created.
Has become an established theory scientifically bahawa plates of the earth was formed during a long geologic time, moving regularly around the Arabian plate. The plates constantly converge towards it as if pointing towards Mecca.
Based on the above studies, that Mecca is in the midst of the earth (center of the world), then it really believed that the Holy City of Mecca, not Greenwich, should be a reference time of the world.
This will end the controversy that arose in the four decades ago by the West.
There are plenty of scientific debate to prove that Mecca is an empty area of ​​the square through the holy city. If applied Mecca time, then it is easy for everyone to know prayer time.