Because Pilot Locked in Toilet , Passengers Panic

A pilot locked in the toilet, it may sound like a joke. But if this happens then what happens next is the panic of passengers.This ridiculous situation occurs in Chautauqua Airlines flight, a domestic airline in the United States.Delta flight 6132 majoring in Asheville, North Carolina to New York last week that there was 'a tragedy' is unique.At that time, the aircraft stayed within 30 minutes from LaGuardia Airport, New York when the pilot uses the aircraft toilet.Do not know what happened, the toilet door jammed and the captain stuck in it. Because not get out then the captain knocked on the door toilets for help.One passenger who heard a knock was then approached the toilet and tried to help.Because it also fails to open the passenger door, then the captain gave the password to get into the cockpit to the passenger.At the same time, co-pilot who does not know the condition was reported the 'disappearance' of the captain by radio. As a result of this report almost two jet fighter plane approaching with  18 people were to anticipate things that are not desirable."The captain has disappeared and I heard someone with a foreign accent trying to break into the cockpit and I have to deal with this problem," said the copilot.In fact, it is the foreign sounds that passengers are given a password to get into the cockpit.Hearing the report, the airport control tower declared a state of emergency and ordered the copilot to land anywhere.Luckily at that crucial moment, the captain finally get out of the toilet and back in control cockpit."I'm captain and I'm back. The toilet door is broken, "he said over the radio."We just wanted to make sure, if there is a problem in the plane?" Asked the control tower."Negative. I was locked in the toilet because the door was damaged. I must try to get out of there, "said the captain.The plane eventually landed safely in New York, though police officers and FBI keep doing the examination.Management of Chautauqua Airlines and then give an explanation about an almost trivial problem that long tails."None of the crew passengers in danger," said a spokesman for Chautauqua Airlines, Peter Kowalchuk."Copilot performing their duties properly. He would not let anyone get into the cockpit before we can confirm the flight captain, "said Kowalchuk.