Pen that swallowed over the past 25 years, is still able to function

Stupid accident in the UK make a woman swallow a pen 25 years ago. It was issued just after the stomach problems and miraculously still be used although badly damaged the plastic on the outside exposed to stomach acid.

Cases published in the British Medical Case Reports Journal explained, this case happened to 79-year-old woman who was not named. He was taken to the hospital because she had lost weight drastically and suffered severe diarrhea.
Doctors said he suffered from diverticulosis, which is the formation of a small pouch that stands out in the intestine and is often experienced by the elderly. But when his stomach is scanned with ultrasonography (USG), a doctor found a suspicious object shape elongated bars.
It was only when asked by the doctor, the patient was admitted to swallowing a pen 25 years earlier. Confession is surprising, because the most frequently ingested objects usually are false teeth and a toothpick while pen was considered too large to enter the esophagus.
According to Dr. Oliver Waters who handled the case, the patient was admitted to scrape something in her throat disposable pen 25 years ago. However, due to loss of balance, he fell suddenly and pens and even then swallowed into the stomach.
When she told him what had happened to her husband and even his personal physician, not one person who believes that he swallowed a pen. Even with X-ray scan at the hospital at the time did not show any strange object in her stomach.
"In cases like this, X-rays can not detect plastic objects accurately. Therefore there is no harm in believing in the recognition of patients even though it seems less plausible," said the doctors in the report, as quoted by MSNBC, Tuesday (20 / 12/2011).
Later, the doctor concluded that digestive disturbances experienced by patients is not associated with the pen that swallowed. However, the pen that has been lodged for 25 years and even then released so as not to be a problem in the future.
When issued, the form of a pen that has been badly damaged by years of reacting with stomach acids known to be very strong. But miraculously, even though the exterior is almost out of shape, pen still works fine when trying to write on paper.