Amazing Equations Between Lincoln and Kennedy

          We've often heard the similarities between Lincoln and Kennedy. But perhaps only a few know that the equation between them is much higher. Take a look at the faces below. Look at his expression, then we can see remarkable similarities. This has sparked speculation that Kennedy was the reincarnation of Lincoln (of course for those who believe in reincarnation). For those who do not know the equation Lincoln and Kennedy: Lincoln Elected a member of Congress in 1846 Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946 Lincoln was elected president in 1860.Kenney was elected president in 1960 Both had lost a child when both offices at the House.Both white married women aged 24 years and speaks fluent French Both are equally concerned with human rights Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy who warned her not to go to the theater Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln who warned her not to go to Dallas * Lincoln was shot on the back of her head and watched his wife Kennedy was shot in the back of her head and watched his wife Lincoln shot at Ford's theater Kennedy was shot in a car made ​​by Ford's Lincoln on Friday Both were shot Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth, 3 syllables and 15 letters named Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald , 3 syllables and 15 letters Booth was born in 1839 (some sources say 1838) Oswald was born in 1939 Booth shot Lincoln in Theatre and ran to a warehouse * Oswald shot Kennedy from a warehouse and ran to the theater * Booth and Oswald were both assassinated Both attended the hearing before the murders are equally associated with a greater conspiracy Lincoln's successor was Andrew Johnson, born in 1808 Kennedy's successor was Lyndon Johnson, born in 1908