The discovery of the Swiss clock on 400 Year-Old Tomb

A group of archaeologists and two journalists were filming a documentary at a burial site in the city of Shansi, China. But in the place they come across a remarkable discovery weird. They found a ring-shaped stone Swiss Watches. What makes a strange discovery was that the tomb is a tomb dating to the Ming Dynasty and is estimated to have been 400 years old. discoveries discovery Swiss Watches Swiss clock on the Tombs Aged 400 Years "When we tried to remove the soil that covered the coffin, a broken stone suddenly fell to the ground with a thud as the metal." Jiang said Yanyu, former museum curator of the Guangxi autonomous region. "We took the object and found that it was a ring. After cleaning of the soil covering it, we were surprised when we saw the thing shaped exactly like a swiss clock. "Time at the show at 10:06. And the remarkable thing is, on the back of it, says' Swiss', 'Write poeple's daily newspaper. Local experts to be very confused because they believe that the grave was never touched by humans since its construction 400 years ago. Currently they are waiting for experts from Beijing to help reveal the secret.