Reincarnation Nuns Period of Ancient Egypt

Many people hear stories about reincarnation. Namely the return of the soul and spirit from the past to the body in the present one. The issue is difficult to prove, but is it true about reincarnation could this happen? Reincarnation nun Dorothy Eady Period of Ancient Egypt is Dorothy Eady, a British woman who experienced the phenomenon of reincarnation is very shocking Britain and Egypt. The only people who reported experiencing reincarnation of a figure of "nun" servants of the temple of Osiris in the days of Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Seti I of the period 1320-1200 BC. He was later identified as Omm Sety. The controversial story about Dorothy spectacular Eady started from a place in London, England, when he was 3 years old. In one incident, little Dorothy fell from his upstairs. He fell into a coma and eventually a team of doctors who care for a verdict passed away on January 16, 1904 infants were born. At that time signs of life and all vital organs Dorothy was stopped on the move. Transformation Astral? No one knows how it happened, but so many moments after Dorothy's body will be buried, it turns out the little girl suddenly rose again from the dead in sound condition. The whole family by surprise. However, no one knew that a gate dimension of the past have been opened and a soul from the time of Ancient Egypt Dorothy pushed into a small body that is almost rigid. But since his death sentence, Dorothy Eady who revived it has a different personality altogether by Dorothy Eady is known fathers mother. This three-year boy has a much more mature personality and always dreaming about the temples of Ancient Egypt. He always tells the story of Ancient Egypt, the dynasty Pharaoh Seti I and is able to describe life in the surrounding temples of Ancient Egypt thousands of years BC. Dorothy Eady's father also often requires her to her home to his residence. Father and mother are Irish descendants had no idea about the intentions of their daughter "wants to return home". Along bertambahan Museum of age, Dorothy Eady increasingly interested and interested in literature and all things Egyptian. So one day he was invited to visit the British Museum in London, Dorothy Eady was so infatuated with showrooms relics of Ancient Egypt. He felt that all the relics of ancient Egypt was part of his life. He kissed the Egyptian god statues, mummy hug crates and acting strangely with his voice suddenly more heavy and full of yearning as he said: "This is part of my family and home!" He then rented a place to live near the British Museum and hang out with Ernest A Wallis Budge Egyptian curator and expert at the museum. He deepened the study of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and history. The experts at the British Museum and an expert knowledge of Ancient Egypt will surprise and Dorothy proficiency in writing and translating ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and depth of knowledge about the details of the temples of Ancient Egypt from the time of Pharaoh Seti I. Though Dorothy had never studied and mentored in that regard, but the ability that comes out of nowhere with a very admirable. Dorothy himself admitted he was the incarnation of a nun temple of Osiris at Abydos servant who had lived in the period between 1320-1200 BC. He felt he had reincarnated in the body of Dorothy Eady. After her marriage to a young Egyptian (1933) he had reached that goal haunted him since childhood: back to the temple of Osiris and kicked the legs back in the land of Egypt! Dorothy exceptional expertise on Ancient Egypt beyond the knowledge of scholars of Egypt. This then led on a journey to Egypt. He then got a job as asiten archaeologist in excavations at the site of Giza in Cairo, and often employed by the experts who deepening culture of Ancient Egypt. He did that for twenty years more. Dorothy Eady had joined as an assistant principal in a research project of Dr. Selim Hassan's excavations and then publish the Giza site. She has also worked on Dr. Ahmed Fakhry as a consultant and research assistant at the pyramids at Dahshur. In two studies and excavations of ancient Egyptian sites are very prominent role and is remarkable both ancient Egyptian experts. Dorothy really understand the culture and architecture as well as the system of worship of gods in the days of Ancient Egypt. He gives a detailed, easy degan translate hieroglyphics, and provide scientific advice which was in line with historical facts are later found to Egyptian experts. From a variety of work experience with world-class experts he was more popular among researchers of Ancient Egyptian culture. Even the life story of Dorothy Eady, renamed Omm Sety (which means mother of Seti) attracted worldwide attention. His story was recorded and filmed as a phenomenon of reincarnation! Dorothy's parents spent time in the temple of Osiris at Abydos, and became keeper of ancient temples, because the ability and expertise of the most spectacular of Ancient Egypt. Is Dorothy was the reincarnation of a woman who had lived thousands of years ago in a temple in Egypt? * Since bounce back from "death", Dorothy Eady then into the public spotlight. Being a proof of the theory of reincarnation. Shock the world because Dorothy under the age of 3 years and over 3 years Dorothy turned out to be two distinct persons in one body. Anchored by an incident that opens the door dimensions of the astral world and the real world. While most people are not convinced of the theory of reincarnation, at least still leaves a question of where all the knowledge about the details of Dorothy Eady Ancient Egypt? He was very adept at translating ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics without ever learning. Can give an accurate picture about some details Osiris temple at Abydos, built in Firauan dynasty Seti I. Since the old Dorothy Eady had often dreamed of a temple in the area of ​​Abydos, Egypt near the Nile. He claimed to have been traveling through the astral world of dreams to various corners of the temple. Strangely, though have never been there, Dorothy could give few details and the Pharaoh Seti temple of Osiris at Abydos perfectly. Desire "back" to Egypt, pushing the figure reincarnated in the body of Dorothy Eady looking for ways to meuwujudkan all her wishes. Later, after mature enough, he was after the First World War in 1933, he married an Egyptian youth and got a single child who was named Seti. Since then he changed his name to Omm Sety (Um Seti). After his marriage he lived in Egypt and worked in the field of archeology and history. Over the past 19 years living in Cairo, Egypt, he has not been able to visit Abydos. In the period 1953, at the end of the age of 49 years, he had to first perform a pilgrimage visit to the temple of Pharaoh Seti at Abydos is also where the tomb of the ancient Egyptian god Osiris. A few years later, he transferred to the Department of Antiquities of Egypt as a special assistant. That's when he founded yan house not far from the site of Abydos. A strong desire after the service and will dedicate all of his knowledge of ancient Egypt, especially about the temple of Pharaoh Seti I and Osiris at Abydos, for over 20 years, the birth name of Dorothy Eady Omm Sety be returned to Abydos in 1956. Since then, every day he has always been at the location of the site of Abydos, especially in the temple of Pharaoh Seti I (Pharaoh Sety I) and the Temple of Osiris. He spent his old age until the end of his life in the ancient Egyptian temple building. Devoted to the preservation of indigenous cultures ancient Egypt, he became a nurse fixed the temple, and perform the ritual which had not even known by the Egyptians now. According to some experts and scholars of ancient Egyptian history, as the incarnation of Osiris cult nun he is the only evidence of life that still practice the ancient rituals that are only available through thousands of years old ancient hieroglyphics. Dorothy Eady practicing religious rites of ancient Egypt which makes both fascinated and acknowledged experts will detail his mastery of ancient Egyptian culture. In 1973, Dorothy 69-year-old left an important testament to the competent authorities of the temple of Abydos. He begged the government and the employees at the archaeological sites that are willing to bury his body later near the temple complex site and the Pharaoh Seti Temple of Osiris, Abydos, so that the death of both calm. Eight years later at age 77 years (1981), Dorothy Eady, aka Omm Sety died peacefully. As per his will, the local government to bury him in the back of the temple site of Pharaoh Seti I at Abydos. A government's highest award presented to him as an expert experts nineteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt Pharaoh Seti. Not the First Report of reincarnation does not just happen to Dorothy Eady. Many people often feel that he is the incarnation of the people who have lived in the past. But he did become a spectacular phenomenon of reincarnation and controversial. Or maybe your own or your relatives ever experiencing a feeling as though they had never been to a place, but could not explain when and how. Or it could find a place you have never visited, or feel have had an experience in the hundreds of years ago? There are experts who call it "Deja vu" or in part longer call it "delusions or delusional", and some even said the experience of astral projection in the subconscious. All that is part of the mystery of the universe. Other events that may attract the attention of the world, besides the case of Dorothy Eady is a boon to the study of Egypt, is the record of British girl from a family Ockenden. He never admitted to a medical therapist hypnotist Arnall Bloxham. For two hours hypnotized, Ockenden said that he is the incarnation of a man who lived in ancient times. Members of the public who still adhered to the ancient ritual merajah body and hurting yourself. And indicate the status of the wild animals that decoration savage teeth. He can give an idea of ​​the ancient culture. Meanwhile, another patient under hypnosis recounts that he was the reincarnation son of King Charles I (1600-1649) and Queen Henrietta Maria (1609-1669). Although the background of the patients never learn even know the history of England, he could be said some detail the castle of King Charles I, which is rarely known. He also describes about the life story even Charles II. Event other reincarnation exists in a doctor's note psychiatrist and novelist Arthur Guirdham. A patient named Mrs. Smith claimed since the age of 10 years is often haunted by dreams that he once lived as the pastor's wife Chatar in the 13th century. When in treatment, he could tell the details of the massacre of the Cathars in Europe because it considered as a cult of Christianity. Mrs. Smith said that many Cathar priests were killed and burned. He himself confessed mass tied up and burned alive on the pyre. He also described the details of clothing, building structure, and civilization in that period. The doctor doing research and doing kroscek detail to the recognition of the patient. He was shocked to find a historical fact that is consistent with the narrative of Mrs. Smith, who did not understand the history of the Cathars. Which of these patients obtain detailed information that even just written in the literature that almost never publicized for laymen? Are they really experiencing a past event and reincarnated into the bodies of humans living today? Or is that knowledge can appear out of nowhere? A number of experts and researchers are still trying to unravel this great mystery!