Mystery of Crystal Skulls

There is a native American legend that says the 13 human skull made of crystal that can talk and sing. According to legend, the crystal skull contains answers to some mysteries of the world and life. The legend also says that one day, when mankind suffered a major crisis, then the 13 skulls will be rediscovered and collected to once again provide the knowledge and information vital to mankind. When I first heard the legend above, we imagine a movie, Indiana Jones, The kingdom of the crystal skull. But only few know that the film was made based on a real legend. Real because actually in Central America has found a human skull made of crystal. Mystery of Anna Mitchell hedges  crystal skull was first discovered in the ruins of Mayan cities and buried deep inside the dense forest. In 1924, British explorer, Frederick Mitchell-Hedges and his colleagues are feeling adventurous, try to find the remains of the mythical city of Atlantis in Belize, Central America. One day, when they're walking across the dense forest, they found a mound of rocks covered with thick grass and bushes. The rest is history. The group found the city Lubaantun long lost, which in the Mayan language means the city is falling stones. Throughout the excavation at the site, the adopted son named Mitchell-Hedges, Anna said that she had found a skull made of crystal buried under the altar in one of the pyramid-shaped temple ruins. Told, when the skull was found, the Mayan workers immediately filled with a leap of joy. They immediately put the skull on the altar, perform ceremonies and dancing around. Apparently, an ancient and magical power has returned into the lives of these people. The skull is entirely made of transparent crystal. The size is just like a human skull size and is very accurate in their anatomy is shown with a separate jaw bone. The mystery of the crystal skull Anna hedges1 Mitchell Hedges Skull Kristal Anna who found the skull died in 2007 at the age of 100 years. He had kept the skull in her life. Anna believes that the skull has given him strength and health until he was 100 years old. Some people who've spent time with the skull was also admitted having some strange experiences, like the sound of soft, like a hum out of the skull. And sometimes they could see flashes of images of the past and the future is reflected from the skull. Surprisingly, Anna Mitchell Hedges crystal skull, is not the only crystal skull was found. Since that discovery, several other skulls have been found - as predicted by the ancient legend. Currently there are at least six other skulls are kept in museums world-renowned. Mystery of crystal skulls mexico skeleton skull KristalSemua until now still unknown origin. Most owners believe that the skull came from Central America, whether it be from the Mayans, Aztecs or even the interest of time before the Mayans are a mysterious tribe of Atlantis. Scientific Perspective Dr. Jane Walsh is a leading specialist in Mesoamerican world that works for the Smithsonian Institute. And now, he is the owner of one of the crystal skull. Dr. Walsh as most other archaeologists who believe that the crystal skull is a clever trick, and not the relics of ancient peoples. He theorized that the skull was probably made in the 19th century to satisfy the demand for ancient antiques. But Dr. Walsh did not have evidence to support his theory. The mystery of the crystal skull The skull KristalDr museum paris Walsh tried to conduct further studies of the skull to determine its origin. One of the obstacles it faces are crystal has no carbon, because it's impossible to track the age of the skull with carbon method. One way is left is to look carefully the crystal surface and trying to find traces of the equipment used to make crystals. If found traces of hand tools, then it is likely that the skull is derived from an ancient civilization. And if found traces of mechanical equipment, the possibility of a more modern age of the skull, which means it can be derived from the time of Columbus until the 20th century. Earlier, in 1970's Anna Mitchell-Hedges skull was also handed to the teams from Hewlett Packard for examination. Hewlett Packard as an expert in the field of computers and electronic equipment are also experts in the field of the crystal. What was discovered by a team of Hewlett Packard's very surprising. They found that the basic ingredients of the crystal skull is the same as that used in the electronics industry today, the material is called piezo electric silicon dioxide, which is widely used because of its ability to store data. Modern microprocessors are made from this material. skulls in the Smithsonian Institute Skull Mystery KristalDengan using the method of polarization of light, another startling discovery was revealed. Shell above the head was never attached to the structure of a hard crystalline rocks. They were really surprised by this discovery. Because the material base of the skull is the second hardest stone after diamonds in the world. There are no tools capable to break the crystals. If forced to use mechanical machines to sculpt the skull, then the crystal is bound to disintegrate into small fragments. Finally,  Hewlett Packard team concluded that the skull was made by hand. But this conclusion leads to another conclusion is more surprising. According to the calculations of scientists, if the skull was made by hand, it takes time for hundreds of years to complete one given the structure of the crystal skull is unusually hard. Hewlett Packard estimates the time required is 300 years old. The scientists then put the skull under a microscope, trying to figure out the tools used to make. And they can not find any traces of both ancient and modern equipment. Regarding this, one scientist commented "This skull should not exist". The mystery of the crystal skull The skull KristalPenelitian british museum science does not stop there. In 1996, the British Museum in collaboration with Dr. Walsh and the Smithsonian researching all the crystal skulls that exist by bringing it to the British Museum Research Laboratory. Six skulls began to be examined in April 1996, and for reasons unknown, the British Museum do not ever want to publish the results. Native Perspective For the scientist, the skull is probably an unsolved mystery. But for indigenous tribes in America, the skull was not a mystery. From interviews with tribal elders in the United States, revealed an ancient wisdom. According to them, The skull can not be understood by placing it under a microscope. The skull was intended to bring a fundamental challenge to the rational mind and the way we view the world. Mystery of Mayan crystal skull skull KristalBagi the shamans or shamans of the tribes in Central America, the skull is a medium or a door to another dimension of spirit. Many of them said that the skull was opened the door to a parallel world that exists, another dimension of this world. They also believe that the spirit of man can walk and entered the world through the crystal skull. In addition, the skull can also be used to guide us to a higher level of our consciousness, something long forgotten. A Mayan elder named Hunbatz Men once said that the crystal skulls have been used in religious ceremonies around the world. He believes that there is a crystal skull at religious sites around the world, including Stonehenge in England. According Hunbatz Men, it's time to reunite the 13 skulls to save humanity.