Maybe you've seen this photo via email, or via a website. people call it a fairy or a human cadaver corpse butterfly. But here's the actual reality: the human body butterfly Butterfly Butterfly Man From England Photo above was first circulated on the internet in 2007. A British man claimed to find the corpse in the bushes in the area Derbyshire, England when he was walking with her dog. The inventor of these bodies requested that his identity remain confidential. Then, a fairy who admitted taking a photo is posted to the website and the photo above mentioned objects as the "butterfly man". Soon the website receives thousands of visits from those who want to see the photos. Then, the human body butterfly was submitted to experts for identification. and with the experimental X-Ray, it is known that the similar bone structure of a bird bone. Later, it turns out the dead body is discovered the work of a British artist named Dan Baines. Baines making bodies within the framework of an April Fool's joke and cleverly he made the picture that seemed to indicate an ongoing autopsy of the bodies that make people become more and more believers. In a statement on his website, Baines said: "Even though you believe in the existence of fairies, as I also believe, there is always an element of doubt dipikiranmu that the corpse is a hoax. However, the miracle that resulted from the belief in fairies is something you will remember all your life. Elves are seen above is fake, but the interest and trust, has led me to create a compelling work of art. I'm also interested to see whether beliefs about fairies living in this modern world and I'm glad, because it turns out that trust is still alive. I received a response beyond what I imagined. "Fairy photographs are then began to circulate widely on the Internet, and surprisingly, the sentence Baines who admitted his actions were not included. Perhaps this is caused by human sebgaian desire to continue to believe. On 8 April 2007, the Body "Human butterfly" sold on Ebay at a price of 280 pounds and is now a private collection in the United States.