Is Kim Jong Il has died?

Is Kim Jong Il has died? Yes, North Korea's beloved leader has died in the fall of 2003, Write a professor of Waseda university named Toshimitsu Shigemura. Shigemura is a former employee Manichi Shimbun newspaper and is regarded as one expert Korean issues. He wrote a book entitled "The true character of Kim Jong Il." If this theory is correct, it means that since 2003 until now, Kim has been replaced by a stunt double. Stunt used by the world's dictators like Saddam Hussein. But Saddam Hussein's use during the stunt he was still alive. In the case of Kim, It is completely replaced by someone who looked like him to lead North Korea. Shigemura put forward the theory that after getting information from some of the people closest to Kim. According to sources, Kim Diabetes disease getting worse in 2000. From that year until his death in 2003, he often had to use a wheelchair. These symptoms can also be seen from the activities of Kim. In 2000, North Korea hosted a meeting with South Korean president Kim Dae Jung. The following month, he received the Russian president Vladimir Putin. In October 2000, he received the American defense secretary Madeleine Albright. January 2001 he visited China. Visit Russia next August. September 2002 held a meeting with Japanese prime minister, Junichiro Koizumi. August 2003 held a meeting to discuss six-party North Korean nuclear issue. "Suddenly," Write Shigemura, "The intensity of the activity slowed down." The second meeting with Koizumi that should be carried out in 2004 only lasted for 90 minutes. Meetings with foreign envoys abruptly canceled. Kim away from the spotlight. The next sign came from the events of the Kim family. His wife died suddenly due to breast cancer, rumors he was murdered. Cherished sister Kim suddenly moved to Paris and her husband removed from the office of state. Clearly, something is happening in North Korea. Then the more shocking in 2006 is an American spy satellites succeeded in photographing Kim. And from analysis of the photo looks a surprising result. Kim grown 2.5 cm! "Recently." Go Shigemura, "Someone close to Kim's family said that a relative of Kim once said that there would be no substitute for the appointment of Kim during the Shogun who is still alive." "Shogun is the nickname of Kim," Obviously Shigemura. "If Kim is still alive, so that family members should only refer to 'Shogun' instead of 'Shogun is now'." A Japanese official who was contacted and confirmed the existence of these rumors never tried to get Kim's voice recordings. But the intention was canceled to avoid embarrassment for Prime Minister Koizumi held a meeting with a stunt double statehood. Moreover, if the case is revealed, not only Koizumi who would be ashamed. Vladimir Putin and Hu Jintao also be ashamed for ever hold negotiations with false leaders. So according to you, who is the person who recently ordered a nuclear detonation experiments that could trigger a nuclear war modern?