Update:Merapi and conditions of the people

Got No Money, Sand miners reckless
Gendol River after eruption(unique explorer:we explorer from different side!!)

Sands miner, on Tuesday (2 / 11), again on the move after a stop a few days for fear of being affected by the eruption of Mount Merapi in Kali Gendol, Village Argomulyo, Cangkringan, DI Yogyakarta. They assess, the area that a sand mining area is still safe from the dangers of the Merapi eruption
The owner of the material shop in Pakem, Sutardi (38), reveals, Kali Boyong sand in the area, started to be mined, although the region is still prone areas of Merapi is still  Beware status. According to him, people desperate to mine sand because they do not have money anymore.
Kali Boyong tipped at Merapi. Based on observation, the flow of Hamlet Boyong until Pakem Bridge Road, packed with stone and sand from Merapi, following the eruption some time ago. Boyong hamlet is about 12 kilometers from the summit of Merapi, Bridge Road Pakem located approximately 17 kilometers from the peak of Merapi.
"People have a lot of digging. But, near the Bridge Pakem excavation has begun there because they needed money. The place is far from Merapi, compared to Hamlet Boyong. Merapi activity has also been lacking. But only a small part. Over many are still afraid" Sutardi said.
It is said, there are five trucks each with a capacity of 5.5 cubic meters in the excavations. According Sutardi, the selling price per 5.5 cubic feet of sand to reach USD 400 thousand. "I bought (the miners) to Rp 115 thousand, and I sell $ 400 thousand per 5.5 cubic meters. Carved solar, energy transport, etc., I can Rp 100 thousand," he admitted.
Typically, according Sutardi, under normal conditions there are about 500 trucks of sand at Kali Gendol mine. He does not believe three months in advance of mining conditions at the time Gendol will recover as before. Besides being difficult to ascertain the condition of Merapi, the miners would be occupied by various family affairs after Merapi eruption.