From Yogya: Merapi refrugrees FLOCKING hOME

Merapi refugees flocking Home

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 Radius safe distance of hot clouds wedhus gembe derived, in part Merapi refugees began returning to their homes on Sunday (14/11). However, refugees in Sleman still have to survive because the radius is safe in that area is still just 20 Km.

Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) decreased safe distance radius in each region which was originally potentially affected Merapi eruption. This is related to increasingly reduced activity of the volcano. Downgrading does not apply to the area of Sleman.

Told reporters, Surono, head of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources PVMBG, said the change in status is safe for Boyolali radius 10 km, 15 km Magelang, Klaten 10 km, but for Sleman still 20 Km. The movement of hot clouds and volcanic ash in Sleman is still around 14 Km radius. So, Sleman decided not changed a safe distance radius.

According to him, the status of Merapi is still in a state of alert, but for hot clouds sliding radius decreased within their respective regions. He urged people not to get closer to the forbidden area because of the condition of Merapi has not been normal. The reason, although the eruption and seismicity declined, "at any time of tooth eruption could happen," he said.

LEAVE evacuation

Knowing there is decreased safe distance, residents who had almost three weeks in refugee barracks in droves leaving the emergency shelter. "It's going to go back Mas, clean the house full of ashes," said Barjo, refugees in refugee barracks Maguwoharjo.

Seeing many of the refugees to go home, Harso, residents Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman, do not want to miss. Leaving her three children to survive in refugee camps, he and his wife returned to her home. "There is a ban but I also want to visit home," he said. "When not safe ya back again soon."

The same condition also occurs in the region of Central Java Kab.Magelang. The refugees who are in Kec.Tanjung Muntilan or City Mungkid flocking home. "Sampun secure kok Mas, Kula ajeng wangsul ningali griyone (it was safe now, I want to go home want to see the house)," said Sutarmin, residents Grogol Mangunsuko Shaman.