newspaper which contains krakatau eruption at 1883(uniqueexplorer:always explore from unique side)

Today at 10:20 pm one quarter of a century ago, 1883, an erupting volcano in the Sunda Strait. Mount Krakatau (Krakatoa western people call it) who was hanging on the island of Krakatoa spewed anger with strength equivalent to 200 megatons of TNT.Just so you know, the amount of TNT is equivalent to 13.000 times the Little Boy, who crushed the Hiroshima atomic bomb on Japan in 1945. It's really awesome.

Krakatau blow awesomeness can be seen also from the number of deaths. A total of 36.417 people die because amuknya, 165 settlements disappeared from the earth's surface, and 132 villages destroyed shattered. The eruption of Krakatoa also trigger a tsunami that was felt to Hawaii and the U.S. west coast, a distance which many people have never imagined before because it was so far away. The ship which was in South Africa is said to crash because of the tsunami that originated from the tip of the island of Java.

There is another record set Krakatoa: sound audible blow to Perth in the east, a distance of 3.110 kilometers and on the west side of the population in Rodrigues, near Mauritius, a distance of 5.000 kilometers could hear the "sigh" Krakatoa. This means that approximately one-eighth the population of the planet could hear the Krakatoa was terrible rampage.

After the explosion, the planet was covered with black ash that covered vulaknis atmosphere. Sunlight can not penetrate the thick dust flying. Just so you know, Krakatoa spewed 25 cubic miles of rock and ash into the air. 

Photographs adorn this entry is from the Illustrated London News which was published on 8 September 1883 (you can buy a replica of the front page of the newspaper for 184 dollars on Amazon).Meanwhile, in 1927 a mountain "menjebul" born from the former location of Mount Krakatoa. He called Anak Krakatau.