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Residents fled to the Village Hall office Umbulharjo, Cangkringan subdistrict, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta, which functioned as a barracks after the increase in alert status of Mount Merapi to be alert, on Monday (25/10/2010). Residents who live within a radius of seven kilometers from the summit of Merapi were evacuated to avoid casualties during the eruption of Mount Merapi
Salak farmer, Mardi Susanto (50), said many residents around Merapi are not displaced when the region declared status as "Watch". According to him, that's what resulted in many deaths fell from Merapi erupted several times, at least in the period 26 October to 5 November.

Mardi is a citizen Demen, Pakembinangun, Pakem, about 18 kilometers from the peak of Merapi, the status of alert. He fled since 5 November. However, he came home every day just to visit and clean the house and garden he barked.

"If you drive a car and see people willing to cross, you'll honk the horn. If the person out of the way, did not happen. But, if a person goes on, there was a collision," says Mardi.

"The community around Merapi has been reminded, and not after. I own including the naughty people, you see, my instinct said danger Merapi not get here. That was my refuge, it's because the kids insisted. I think they'll calm down," explained dad of two sons and one daughter of this.

It also said, during his life, just this once he had fled because of Merapi. According to him, before this area is an area of refuge. "In the past it had been displaced, but because the Netherlands, instead of Merapi. If because of Merapi, yes just this once. Usually this place is so the location of evacuation," he concluded.