SUNDAK BEACH: The lost paradise in Gunungkidul

The lost paradise in Gunungkidul

            Sundak Beach is located in Gunung Kidul regency, around two hours drive from the city center, with enough terrain uphill, winding course, where there are several alternative ways to get there, but when we tour there we passed the point of Prambanan, which is way up hill and very uphill, but very beautiful scenery offered by a direct view towards the city of Yogyakarta, we passed a street with a slope sufficiently extreme and challenging road conditions, ever imagined when you go to turn, suddenly a bus coming from opposite direction and is very close to you?, very surprised and increase adrenaline,trip up Gunung Kidul worked on; fairly busy street with a considerable number of vehicles, but the trip to the beach Sundak itself is still about an hour from Gunung Kidul with a quiet rural road conditions, very proportional upside down with our trip to Gunung Kidul earlier, with road conditions that sometimes a bit steep and sharp turns and rocks on both sides of us, make us feel like actually being dried into the sea, keren.its gives the sensation of new experiences that are rarely found beach another.

        After the fatigue-ria tired we finally arrived at the beautiful beaches that we can first ini.our feeling is less manicured, when we got to coincide with school holidays so that visitors quite busy but still much little if we compare with parangtritis beach, ourism is really unique and truthful beauty pamper our eyes, with white sand beaches with little pieces of dead organic seed come to add exotic sea beach and the waves are not so large, as well as the existing rock on both sides add to the beauty of the beach take the beach that became the mainstay of the mountain tourism south several even,which there is a very rare tree that we meet on the beach, this beach instead we rarely see any palm trees that usually become an icon of a beach, a long coastline and also adds beach party atmosphere that becomes the main purpose we went to this place. The place is really quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of the city that make us dizzy with the various problems that exist, even this beach can I compare with equivalent to Kuta beach in Bali, when viewed from the beauty and uniqueness that is not found on other beaches, it's just This beach is still very minimal facilities so can not be imaged themselves like those in Bali.

       Despite the lack of adequate access facilities and complicated, but I thought to carry away the equivalent of what I got here, that inner peace that makes us relax while you view overlooking the beach which is very, very charming, just try this beach when we promote in earnest as a destination and the tourist icon of Gunung Kidul, I guarantee both domestic and foreign tourists would arrive.
     My conclusion, this beach beautifully enough and uniqueness, worth a visit as an alternative from the parangtritis beach…
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