SURAKARTA : When culture and lifestyle blend-The spirit of java

When culture and lifestyle blend-The spirit of java

Surakarta located at central java,Indonesia approximately 2 hours travel from Yogyakarta,with good conditions of transportation facilities.We can use bus or train for go to Surakarta from nearest city around Surakarta like Wonogiri,Sukoharjo and Yogyakarta surely.Great road conditions for go there make Surakarta always visits by everyone,domestic tourist and foreign tourist always have a plan to go there if they go to central java,because it easy to reach from everywhere,Surakarta has a international  Airport ,its called Adisumarmo International.3 train station,its are Solobalapan station,SoloJebres station and  Purwosari station and a big busstation its called as Tirtonadi station.This city also has a railroad in Slamet Riyadi street,blend with primary road in solo,only Surakarta which has it in Indonesia,we can go to Wonogiri with this train,name of the train is “PANDAWA”.Another of it Surakarta has a busway which called as “batiks bus”,it have many of strip around Surakarta city,the busway make this city easy to explore by tourist and makes Surakarta people easy to go everywhere in the city.Solo city have citywalk which make us easy to explore this culture capital city,and this citywalk also covered by hotspot area,make us easy to access internet everywhere in the solo city.

This city also called with “the spirit of java” and “capital of batiks”,because in this city have many tourist object which merge between culture and it also effect to the lifestyle,many of cultural places there,like Radya pustaka museum,Sriwedari,Kasunanan Palace and Mangkunegaran Palace,batik traditional handycraft Industry also many found there,center of batik handycraft is laweyan.In this place we can see how batiks handycraft made,batiks also sell in this place,because of it laweyan call as “:KAMPUNG BATIKS”.We will to explain its one by one below:

Radyapustaka museum is located in the near of Slamet Riyadi,mainstreet of Surakarta city,at the complex  of Sriwedari, oldiest museum of this city,The actual name of this museum is Paheman Radya Pustaka,this museum was established 28th October 1890,behind person which established this museum is RTH Djojoningrat II,and for remember his contribution near the Radyapustaka museum built a building which called as “Gedung Walidasana”,because he was called as Walidi.all of the visitors will be welcomed by statue of Ronggowarsito,a celebrated of Kasunanan solo kraton poet at the past.This museum built with purposed to saving the old books and poet writers work,but now its use for save any antique property of Surakarta city from kasunanan Government era,several that’s property its are Gamelan,Keris,Statue,Andhong from the kasunanan era,and few of Javanese and dutch books,its saving many of history of Surakarta city,we can see many of document from the kasultanan government at the past,and many of kasultanan property which used by sultan of Surakarta city at the past.
     In front of this museum we can find a garden which located in the citywalk of Surakarta.This citywalk also make us easy to explore the city,because its outstretched from Purwosari(border of Surakarta city at the west)until complex of Kasunanan Palace.If we see from any tourist object,milleu of this place is everything,because we can see becaks in the near of this museum,traditional foodstation which called as “HIK” ,we can relax and talk about everything in this this place with the friendly people near you,it will make you feel at home if you enjoy the atmosphere here, if you see photo at right,we can see becaks and cleaning officer talking about something with friendly and make us want to stand into this city for long time,this photo taken in front of Radya Pustaka museum.
This museum officially open from 8 am until 1 pm,but at Friday this museum open from 8 am until 11 am