TAWANGMANGU: Exotic place in central java

Exotic place in central java

Tawangmangu is a tourist attraction located in the district of Tawangmangu, Karanganyar district, Java tengah.about one hour from downtown of Surakarta.travel there  take some time and a half, and half an hour into Tawangmangu with road winding uphill.General transportation facilities here are good enough, because there are buses that go to the terminal Tawangmangu, besides the way it is good enough and way be well taken care.Along Tawangmangu sights we will treated to a very charming scenery, expanse of green plantations and regularly indulge our eyes, the city Karanganyar also obvious from this mountain, the air is cold enough, especially when it is foggy, I just use two coats as a protective layer, so cold air ... quite cool and fresh here because there are still lots of forest around this area so keep the temperature and freshness of the air available in the area of existing.The forest in this area also becomes a plus because it adds value as an exotic natural attractions in Karanganyar.

. Tawangmangu has several attractions, some are Grojogan Sewu and Balekambang, where the most famous objects in this area is Grojogan Sewu, so Grojogan Sewu which will be the object of our walk in the streets of our times right now.Grojogan Sewu towering waterfalls as high as 80 meters, these sights have two entrances, where once we entered will be charged at 6000 rupiah per person, the first entrance is located on the surrounding main roads, while the second door there below, where we should go down first to tersebut.Pintu leading to the entrance for the operations tended to decrease, the lower door flat but somewhat distant, if I'm still the door for free, secret location yaa,,, later on through there all...But  for which rental horses tire quickly anyway, so calm , With a lot of money everything can happen ????.if we’re can’t walk explore the road we can hire a horse, other than a tour to Grojogan Sewu, we will also be invited to travel to Balekambang,along the path at the center of the pine forest.I come here with my friends who are equally crazy.

After tired of walking along the sea, mountains, and divides the valley???, we finally arrived at this Grojogan sewu, where the swift flowing waterfall and waterfall moisture make our clothes wet. In below of there are rivers that drain water from the waterfall , this river is full of the slippery stones that sometimes made us slip, even so swift water sandals my friend is also there was gone.There also a swimming pool with natural water, which is located near the Grojogan, children usually swim in this place because they did not dare to come close to grojogan.road to the grojogan makes from  stone rock that has been structured in such a way as to form a smallroad.Road along this path we meet so many people going out who sometimes perform indecent acts,like dating until kissing n  Tawangmangu, this is not a place for do that.When grojokan sewu rushing,we’re to get there, because at that time the heavy wet season, but for this tour report we willingly risked their lives and property???, so we continued to play the water just below grojokan sewu.Condition over there is  very thrilling but fun because we could see the waterfall from a distance very close.

Foods that are famous in this area is a rabbit satay, which has become a self  special food there, since from the entrance to the waterfalls around a lot of sellers who sell their rabbit satay foraverage 7000 IDR, but for those of you who come from out of town, we recommend asking price before you eat because sometimes price is not given.Tthere is even a myth when we bring our boy/girlfriend into this place, it will end, may believe it should not, but I've come there with my girlfriend, it's fine

In conclusion, the place is very convenient for those who seek natural attractions with stunning views, because this region is also an asset Tawangmangu tourism for the government karangnyar, other than that could be used as an alternative for the tourist who was visiting the city and surrounding solo.
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