Story Behind a Winner Children

Thunderous applause at the Chinese Assembly Hall Malaysia, the venue for the Asia Piano Open early October. A young girl from Indonesia at the piano managed to attract 12 judges from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States.
He is Evelyn Zainal Abidin. His fingers dance over the keys of the piano plays Bach composition of Symphonia 15, Zaragosa by Albenis, Scherzino by Arthur Benjamin once made him win the first rank in the category of Junior Professionals him brought home. At the same championships, young girls also won 3rd place in the category Junior Amateur and Asian Composer category.
Achievement closely with foreign girl was born March 18, 1999. Since childhood, Evelyn won numerous international competitions and MURI record a piano recital in 2009. Schoolgirl Ciputra International School Surabaya Indonesia has even become the youngest pianist who won the prestigious arena of American Protege International Piano and Strings, 2011 and 2012.
But, glittering achievements are the fruit of a long process and is often not easy. At the age of four years, Evelyn was already interested in the two instruments, piano and violin. "If you're training, so no messing around, because this is the desire," said Evelyn who was also good at playing the violin.
Evelyn Zainal Abidin
Evelyn studied piano and violin routine four times a week at the School Rhapsody Music. At home, they routinely train with intensity more often ahead of the competition.
"They never complained when her piano practice time plus, but at the same time they are also facing a final exam that makes them also have additional lessons for school," said the mother, Eva Tanudjaja.
Although the daily routine is very solid, Evelyn admitted still play with peers. "Love Korean music and playing with my friends as well," he said.
Incision achievement Indonesian children in science no less awesome. Every year, dozens of "young eagle" won numerous international awards.
One of them Erwin Wibowo, students SMAK CPC Sower Gading Serpong, Banten Indonesia that the name of the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) 42nd Bangkok, July 2011 ago. He managed to bend the hundreds of other students from 84 countries.
In a test of the theory and practice tests each for five hours, Erwin managed to be the best. In the same month, Indonesian students again won the award in an international research competition, 18th International Conference of Young Scientist (ICYS) in Moscow, Russia.
In the competition among young researchers, Indonesia managed to collect one gold medal, two silver medals and two bronze medals. Jessica Lo of SMAK Future Heart Surabaya won a gold medal in the field of Environmental Science.
Educating Children Achievement Minus Stress
According to child psychologist, Fabiola P Setiawan, performance or achievement of business brought some consequences for the child, including stress. Stress is often hit when the child through the process of achievement is also highly dependent on the environment and mental child.
"A child who is not burdened with demands to learn, to achieve great accomplishments. Otherwise There is also required to undergo what he did not like, then surely he will get pressure and feel overwhelmed," said one expert in Clinical Growth and Teens Pela 9 this.
Environment, according to Fabiola also affect desire achievement. Competing in the environment, children need to be recognized achievement. Fabiola says, children who can reach the Olympics generally come from genetic, but the average child needs extra tutoring. When children experience stress, the role of parents is very important to encourage children, in addition to looking young talent.
"Do not force it if you see a child burdened to undergo undesirable areas. Parents have other options to build young talent in the field he loved."
Discover Potential, Find Point Pleasant
When you have found the things that make kids interested, it's time to dig his talents fit the child's biological clock. Handling each child is different and has different convenient points.
"The important note is the break and socializing should be balanced. Order for children not only struggling with a learning example. Ideally there should be a break anyway, before the concentration exercise. All depends on the capabilities of each."
There are some tips form the child excels and can manage their stress, namely:
Introduce your daily routine
A daily routine gives children a sense of security because he would always know what to do. Eating together, learning and training and bed time every day to avoid anxiety caused complete the task at the last minute or forget to complete.
Healthy Living
Eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise to help children manage stress. Provide healthy snacks and avoid harmful habits such as drinking too much caffeine.
Set rules
Children feel more protected when there are firm boundaries about rules and punishment. Discuss the rules with your child to help him understand what actions and behaviors are prohibited.
Take time to play
Set aside time every day to play and relax. Let your child choose the activities they like.
Know your child's stress
Unlike adults, children do not always realize when they are stressed. Headaches or abdominal pain are signs. Parents should monitor sudden changes in behavior that could indicate the presence of emotional symptoms, aggressiveness, shyness, anxiety, and fear in social situations. Try to find out the cause.
Encourage children to discuss why he is stress and how she feels. Discuss stress reduces anxiety and fear of children. Let your child know, parents are always there when they need someone to talk to.
Teach techniques to manage stress
Teach children techniques to manage stress in a healthy way, and give a good example. Physical activity such as walking or jogging can help relieve stress. Breathing techniques can also help. Help your child discover the best ways to manage stress. (Umi)