Challenges Stay at Hotel Worst in the World

Almost every hotel or inn definitely race showed the best facilities and services. As a promotional event to attract tourists. But apparently, this does not apply to 'The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel'.

The inn is located in the Netherlands that it proudly advertises itself as the worst hotel in the world. As the inn for 40 years of success upset the thousands of tourists who stay overnight.

"We offer a level of comfort comparable to untreated prison. We also provide an open canteen serving a variety of dishes made ​​from eggs that have been in no better condition," according to excerpts of the ad, as reported page.

The inn even proudly called a number of facilities such sad: thin mattress, a wall full of graffiti grungy, metal locker cabinets, doors can not be opened, and a room without windows.

Amid the rush of hotel or inn that promises luxury as standard of care, 'The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel' it is pleased to introduce itself as a cheap hotel in Amsterdam city is dirty, cold, and poorly lit.

Even disclaimer (disclaimer) that appear on their site reads, "Those who want to stay should bear the risk itself, the hotel is not responsible for food poisoning, mental disorders, loss of limbs, radiation exposure, and incidence of associated disease outbreaks in the 18th century . "

Anyone want to stay in there? The controversial advertisement in fact became a kind of a successful promotional strategy. Many backpackers are actually challenged to prove horror.

"Many tourists who apparently liked our style of humor that seemed rude, and all of it actually makes them feel satisfied after leaving the hotel, because when it entered did not dare to expect anything," said the hotel manager, Tijmen Receveur. (ren)