From Aceh : Cases Horizontal Bireuen and Conflict Solutions

Clashes broke out among people again. Having previously hit several regions such as South Lampung, Hammers, and Lombok, this time it happened in Bireuen. In the last place, three people must die.
In addition to the three killed, 10 people were injured, and one of them is still critical. Head of Public Relations Aceh Police, Commissioner Gustav Leo, explaining that this clashed occurred Friday, November 16, 2012 at 22:30 pm. Starting from the Jambo sekompok villagers, Bireuen attending one of the houses owned by Tengku Aiyub Syahkuban (47).
Residents objected because Aiyub spread the teachings of Islam that allegedly led to the error. Police, the story of Gustav, residents tried to mediate with Aiyub and was successful. "But then there are people who get into the house Aiyub. In the clashes. Someone struck the incoming residents," explains Gustav when contacted VIVAnews, Saturday, November 17, 2012.
Residents who nahas diparang Aiyub is Mansyur (35). Mansyur addition, 10 other people were injured. Seeing no resistance from Aiyub and dozens of his followers, residents fled in disorder. "But they came back with the larger mass, up to 1,500 people. Aiyub They attacked the house," said Gustav.
In the attacks, was killed along with one of his followers Aiyub named Muntafsir (26). Residents also burn Aiyub's house. "Actually, if Aiyub and his followers do not fight, I sure would not clash and fall victim like this," said Gustav.
As a result of the clash, the village was tense Jambo. Can be controlled atmosphere early Saturday at 01.00 pm. "We put a few police personnel assisted by TNI."
To avoid subsequent clashes, police confiscated and his family to the police station Aiyub Bireuen. While the injured are now being treated in hospital dr Fauziah Bireuen.
Bireuen commander, Chief Yuri Karsono, explaining that the police tried to calm residents. "Besides coordinating with community leaders to find solutions to the problems of this case," he said.
According to Yuri, the actual controversy developed flow Tengku Aiyub have occurred since the year 2010. Local Muspika has also made efforts to find the best way.
"Even the MPU (Ulama Consultative Assembly) have expressed that flow leads to error and asked that Tengku Aiyub stop teachings. Till overnight clashes," said Yuri Karsono.
Scholars regrets Violence
Vice Chairman of the MPU Bireuen, Tengku Jamaluddin, said that it had convened to figure out whether or not the allegations of heresy being taught Tengku Aiyub. The trial was held in 2010. In conclusion: the flow of new Aiyub Tengku allegedly led astray.
According to Tengku Jamaluddin, Tengku Aiyub forbade his followers to pray in the mosque as a building material to build mosques such as sand, bricks, and cement, containing impure and unholy. Hence he never perform Friday prayers in congregation in the mosque.
"Prior to this incident, we have requested information from Tengku Aiyub, he was also unable to provide evidence, which is said to be unclean in the mosque building materials such as bricks and sand," said Tengku Jamaluddin, when contacted VIVAnews, Saturday, November 17, 2012.
Apart from issues forbids its followers to worship at the mosque, said Tengku Jamaluddin, the relationship between Tengku Aiyub with citizens around the hall teachings also less harmonious.
In front of the MPU members Bireuen, Tengku Aiyub time also has stated that it will revive the hall teachings. Jamaluddin said, Aiyub also has signed letters of intent in front of Kepolres Bireuen.
"Because the people heard that he again held pangajian, the villagers went to study hall Tengku Aiyub to ensure the information is correct or not. When people came it was Tengku Aiyub followers tried to fight back, "he said.
Although considered lead astray, Jamaluddin strongly denied accusations that some Tengku Aiyub legalize sex outside marriage. "That is not true. Tengku teachings Aiyub still only suspected of leading astray, "he said.
Vice Chairman of the MPU Aceh, Tengku Faisal Ali, also deplored the attack Tengku Aiyub recitation hall, Friday evening 16 November 2012. It should not happen clashes. "We are very meyesalkan this case to the acts of violence, this should not happen," he said.
Overcome Conflict SolutionsProfessor of Sociology, University of Indonesia, Thamrin A. Tamagola, insists clash-clash that broke out late due to potential conflicts allowed to accumulate. He called the potential conflict as hay or ammunition.
"As it accumulates, there can be little question triggers a huge explosion. But, in South Lampung trigger serious problems, sexual abuse," he said in a conversation with the headline.
During this time, a number of events clashes only momentarily extinguished without solving the fundamental problems of any conflict. "Finally, the potential will always be there and could erupt again in the future," said Thamrin.
He then took the example of Poso and Maluku who had settled with a peace treaty the two sides clashed. But, now ripples conflicts re-emerge. "Malino agreement and so just put out the fire at the time, but did not banish hay-hay."
So what is the solution? He said the clashes should be resolved until the root problem. "Who is completed?'s Not an ad hoc institution, but rather permanent institutions such as local government, local authorities, and most importantly, local universities and LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences)."
Local universities and LIPI, he said, could work together to research and explore what exactly the main causes of potential conflict in the region. They should be able to make a map of the conflict with a number of indicators. Is the potential for conflict is still light green, yellow, or are approaching a red light.
Map of the conflict, then, handed over to the local government and the police as a basis for taking anticipatory measures and prevention. Anticipation and prevention are two major steps that must be done. "Cook we have to wait for big clashes continue," said Thamrin.
He claimed to have suggested this solution shortly after the outbreak of conflict redistributed in Maluku and Poso. But, he added, "The advice was not audible until the recent clashes."