Count St. Germain mysterious

In the midst of the development of philosophy and art in Europe in the 1700s, emerged a mysterious man who is trusted to know everything and never dies.

The man was Comte de saint Germain or Count St.Germain. Many legends created around his life. Some believed that he was immortal 2,000-year-old and even knew Jesus personally. Some say that he was the reincarnation of the great men such as Plato or Hesiod. There is another who believes that he is the same person with the Merlin, the wizard king Arthur advisors, and more.

Little is known of the life of St.Germain. Some people refer to it as Alsatian Jewish descent, Portuguese Jews or even the Portuguese royal family. He is fluent in a variety of professions who lived: adventurer, inventor, herbalist, alchemist, pianist, violinist and composer.

He has a lot of gems and gold carries everywhere. In one occasion, he said that he has the ability to transform base metals into gold and was able to change some little gems into a single larger gem. Not only that, he even claimed to be able to transform ordinary rocks into diamonds.

The mysterious figure earned him a place so glorious among the followers of the occult Theosophy called him Master or Master Rakoczi R, which is one of the masters of ancient wisdom and eternal life believed to have the power of a god.

He first appeared to the public in 1743, in London and then in Edinburgh in 1745 where he was later arrested on suspicion of spying. No one is likely to know the origin or existence before the year 1743. It keeps growing speculation about his identity.

Horace Walpole, a famous British writer who became his friend, alluded to in a letter written in 1745:

    "On that day, they caught a strange man named Count St.Germain. He existed in the city for two years, and he refused to say who he was and where he came from. However, he admitted that the name was not his real name. He could also sing and play the violin very well. "

At his trial, the court could not find any evidence that he was a spy so he was released. Soon after, he gained a reputation as a great violinist who go through life as a celibate ascetic (not married).

In 1746, he disappeared from the public for granted.

12 years later, in 1758, he reappeared in Versailles, France. In those years, he managed to get into the palace and became a close friend of the king Louis XV. He also frequently gives advice on healthy eating and sometimes giving elixir of youth to the royal family. It is said that he gained influence in the presence of the king Louis XV having been changed some little gems into one big gem which then makes its value increases.

To some people who know him, he claimed to have hundreds of years old even though physically he still looks like a 40-year-old man. In France, it is also revealed that he had mastered many languages ​​and have a vast knowledge of the history. Influence the creation in France is large enough that the great philosopher Voltaire once said that Count St.Germain was "the man who knows everything and never dies."

In 1760, he left France for England because one of the French royal official named Duke of Choiseul were jealous of its proximity to the king ordered his arrest on charges of fraud.

From England, he went to Russia and silence while in St.Petersburg. Incidentally, at the same time, the Russian military staged a coup against the king and put Catherine the Great as a queen. This led many to believe that St.Germain actually had a hand in the incident.

The following year, she appeared in Belgium, bought a plot of land and live with the moniker "Surmont". Then, he offers fabric staining method and herb oil to the empire. In the bidding process, he met with one of the ministers named Karl Cobenz Belgium.

To Cobenz, Count revealed that he was a descendant of the king. Later, Cobenz admitted that he had seen the count changed lump of metal into gold. It's quite interesting that a minister of the kingdom is unusual to say something false.

Cassanova of the famous Count've also seen change metals into gold. One day, he visited the lab Count and give an ordinary coin. Not long after, he saw the coin has turned into gold.

Now, people began to know him as an alchemist who was a descendant of the king. However, everything about this man is still obscure and mysterious.

Then, he disappeared again for 11 years.

In 1774, he reappeared in Bavaria by using the title of Count of Tsarogy. Here he met with one of the Bavarian nobleman named Freherr Reinhard Gemmingen.

Two years later he appeared in Germany and calls himself Count Welldone, and again offered recipes cosmetics, wine, beverage, medicine bone, ivory paper and the kingdom.

In the presence of the king Frederick, he was admitted as a member of Freemasonry and claimed to have the ability to transmute base metals into gold. He was given a place to stay at the residence of Prince Karl also a member of Freemasonry and in that place he studied herbal medicine to give to the poor. He lived in this place until officially regarded as the year of his death.

Although it has been known in many circles, the life of Count still shrouded in mystery.

One day, the Count said to a bunch of his friends: "Which of you who've seen me eat?"

No one raised a hand. They are often seen Count sitting at the dinner table with his friends, but they admit that the Count had never touched the food presented.

The people around him became more and more convinced that the Count had discovered the secret Elixir of Life. To them, the Count was also often said that he had hundreds of years old and had lived in the ancient Chaldeans and discover the secrets of the masters of Egypt.

In another occasion, the Count was sitting at a table with her friends as she tells the history of the world hundreds of years ago. For a moment, he paused, then turned to his servant and asked: "Is there anything I missed?"

Unexpectedly, the waiter said: "Sir, you forget that I have lived with you for 500 years so I was not present at the time of the incident. Probably know my predecessor."

After years of living an extraordinary life in Germany, an unexpected event occurred in 1784.

On February 27, 1784, Count St.Germain was in the castle at Eckenform when he called with pneumonia and died. His death was witnessed directly by doctors.

His reputation is known as an alchemist makes many people doubt that the Count had died in Eckenform himself never found a single tombstone with his name.

There may be some truth in that year's count has not died because there is an official document which states that Freemasonry in 1785, the French branch of Freemasonry have chosen him as their representative in a convention that was held in conjunction with Mesmer, Saint-Martin, and Cagliostro ( are also believed to be an alchemist and eternal life).

Not only that, in 1789, appeared in court St.Germain called Russia and greeted the queen herself. Then in 1789, five years after his death, Comtesse d'Adhemar saw him admitted and experienced a fairly long conversation Recollets Church.

In Comtesse, he gives his predictions that the queen Marie Antoinette would have been killed by the tragic and the royal family would fall apart. Having said that he would go to the king of Sweden to investigate Gustavius ​​III and try to prevent a great evil.

According to the Comtesse, St.Germain face and appearance to look like a 30-year-old more.

Then, in 1790, Franz Graeffer, a friend of his Austrian nationality claiming to have received a letter from the Count, which reads:

    "Tomorrow night, I'll go again. I needed in Constantinople, then I'm going to England to prepare for the two discoveries will you have in the next century, the railways and steamships. At the end of this century, I would disappear from Europe and go retire to the Himalayas. berisitirahat I will, I must rest. "

No one knows for sure where it goes next year. The next appearance is known from records Comtesse d'Adhemar who previously had met him in 1789.

In 1821, the Comtesse d'Adhemar writes:

    "Every time I saw her, I was always amazed. I met her when the queen was murdered on the 18th Brumaire, and I went back in to see him one day after the death of the duke of d'Enghien in January 1815 and once again on the eve of the death of the Duke de Berry."

In 1821, Mademoiselle de Genlis also admitted met during negotiations in Winna St.Germain. This testimony is confirmed by the Comte de Chalons.

Is it true St.Germain still alive in that year?

Many people believe that.

In the years after 1821, a British writer named Albert Vandam said if he ever met a mysterious man who is similar to the Comte de Saint Germain.

    "He called himself Major Fraser. He lived alone and rich. He also has extensive knowledge of the European and in some instances, he said that he was familiar with Nero and have talked to Dante."

Just like St.Germain, Major Fraser also looks like a 40-year-old man and disappeared in the following years. Interestingly, in 1820, a man named Major Fraser published a book that tells about his journey to the Himalayas where he reached Gangotri, the source of the most sacred of rivers Ganga and bathe there. This corresponds to a letter written to his friend Count. Thus, many believe that Major Fraser is actually Count himself.

In 1835, the Count called up again in Paris and in Milan in 1867 and in Egypt in the following years. Napoleon even called once met him and still keep a record about it.

After that, one named Annie Besant Theosophical leader claims he met St.Germain in 1896 in which the teacher taught him various wisdom.

Other Theosophy members named CW.Leadbeater also claims St.Germain met in Rome in 1926. Leadbeater said that at that time, St Germain showed him a robe ever worn one Roman emperor.

Other Theosophy members named Guy Ballard also claimed to have met with the Count. However, his testimony this time a little different because Ballard claims that Count introduced him to visitors from Venus. Ballard even wrote a book about it.

If the view of life, then there really is not that strange of Count St.Germain. He may have been descendants of kings who have a lot of expertise, like disappearing for several years and has an incredible charisma. The only mystery to him was the rumor that he was an alchemist capable mengobah base metals into gold (Philosopher's Stone) and have found the secret to longevity (elixir of life).

Annie Besant had conducted an inquiry about it, and he believes that St.Germain was the son of the prince of Transylvania named Francis Racoczi exiled by the monarchy. This opinion is confirmed by the fact that one of the children Racoczi prince raised by the royal family left Austria Austrian empire. Another writer named Raymond Bernard believes that the Count actually was Francis Bacon who also believed as the man who writes under the name of Shakespeare.

Still, there is nothing strange with it.

Some researchers believe that the legend of Count skeptical exaggerated. The rumors about his prowess could spread because of the issue of exhaled many who knew him.

For example, not long after his death, a British comedian named Milord Gower began mimicking the character count in the action stage. It is undeniable that he is more emphasis on the satirical side than the fact, for example, by saying that the Count is an immortal alchemist and even knew Jesus.

Rumors like this may have caused personal cult of the Count. Cult was then turned back on by the esoteric members wrote many books about this man. However, just like other mysterious figure in history, we may never be able to confirm his identity, he was an impostor If any, spy, magician or an alchemist really have discovered the secret Elixir of Life.