A secret Society of China issued a threat to the Illuminati

In the past, rumors circulated among conspiracy theorists that the Illuminati has a plan to reduce the population of the world by any means. But this time, a Chinese secret society with 6 million members and 100,000 professional assassins will kill Illuminati issuing threats if they continue the plan.

The story is narrated by Benjamin Fulford, 46, a former bureau chief of Forbes magazine Asia-Pacific region. He also has written 15 books in Japanese.

According to Fulford, the secret society was named "The Green and the Red Societies". They contacted Fulford when he was speaking about the Illuminati plan to reduce the population of the Asian race down to just 500 million with a biological weapon.

This time, I do not intend to discuss the theory that Fulford is circulating among conspiracy theorists to discuss the Illuminati or the half-myth.

But it seems interesting to see a little bit about The Green and the Red Societies susungguhnya because the association does exist and is a part of Chinese history.

The power is held by the association so that they dare to issue a threat like that?

Just like other secret societies, the association also has a very old history.

As we know, the Manchus successfully invaded China in 1644 and the overthrow of the Ming dynasty 276 years-old. Then the Manchus founded the Qing Dynasty. We can recognize this dynasty of the characteristics of men who, half-bald hair and braided (as Wong Fei Hung for example).

Some troops of the Ming dynasty who defeated then withdrew and formed an underground association that aims to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and restore the Ming Dynasty. However, this association is not lunge so sound until the end of the 19th century.

In 1898, China's turbulent return to the Boxer uprising that consists of a collection of martial arts experts to expel foreign imperialism of China.

The revolt is known as one of the most bloody uprising in China. During the three-year rebellion, nearly 20,000 foreigners and Chinese Christians were brutally murdered. The Green and the Red Societies supporting the Boxer called quietly.

In 1901, the rebellion was finally defeated by the combined forces of eight countries.

After the Boxer rebellion was extinguished, The Green and the Red Societies re-focus on the attempt to overthrow the Qing dynasty. In 1911, with the support of the Japanese imperial family they overthrew the Qing dynasty and appointed Dr.. Sun Yat Sen is also a member of the association as the first president of China.

Besides Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of the party after Dr. Kuo Min Tang. Sun who later founded the Taiwan also referred to as a member of The Green and the Red Societies.

In the history books, this group last appeared with the name "Gang Green" and "Red Gang" who bravely fight against the communists in Shanghai in the 1940s.

There is no record of exactly when the Green Gang and the Red Gang merged into The Green and the Red Societies.

In the 1920s, the Green Gang and the Red Gang has become the two most feared criminal organization in Shanghai with main business as trafficking and smuggling opium.

One of the Green Gang leader named Tu Yueh Sheng, also known as the Opium King is one of three leaders of gangsters known as the king of the underworld in Shanghai.

Due to our close relationship with the nationalist Kuo Min Tang, in 1927, under the leadership of Gang Green Mr.Tu then help Chiang Kai-shek destroyed the local communist party. As a result of these actions, the group gets immediate protection from Chiang Kai Shek and the nationalist Kuo Min Tang.

Since then Mr.Tu and Green Gang opium began expanding operations throughout China. In 1935, Tu Yueh Sheng with Gang Green has been one of the most influential forces in China.

When the Communist forces led by Mao Tse Tung managed to control China, the group once again became an underground movement.

"Since 1949, they quietly increase their influence throughout China and the world. They also have an influence on a high level in the Chinese government." Said Fulford.

According to Fulford again, a result of the assistance provided by the Japanese imperial family in the overthrow of the Qing dynasty, the association is then have close links with the Japanese Yakuza. Most of the members of The Green and the Red Societies is also a member of the Yakuza or Triad China.

This fact can be traced from the relationship between the yakuza group with the Japanese imperial family.

Japanese imperial family actually comes from the Korean invaders who came to Japan in the 6th century. When the invaders have difficulty in conquering the local tribes called Jomon, they then brought people from a tribe in Asia warlike. This tribe was the ancestor of the Yakuza.

Historically, this tribe has been used as a tool to carry out secret tasks and other work such as collecting taxes. When the imperial Japanese decided to help overthrow the Qing dynasty, they used the Yakuza services to help associations The Green and the Red Societies.

The relationship then continues to the present. Because of that, today, most senior leaders in the Green and the Red Societies is actually Japanese, not Chinese.

Fulford continued:

    "Although this association has the most members are Triad and Yakuza members, surely they can not be called evil associations. More than 2/3 of their members are intellectuals such as university professor, researcher and bureaucrats in government. Every member find their own livelihood and ready enabled whenever needed. their handbook is a book full of rules and instructions as to help the weak, fight injustice, and to help fellow members. "

One day, Fullford was giving a lecture in Tokyo about the Illuminati. Then a member of the association approached him and asked if they could do something to help.

For Fullford, the encounter is like seeing a legend of the past that comes back. Then he realized maybe only these people were able to provide direct resistance to the Illuminati by prying eyes at the top of the pyramid.

He then provided a list of 10,000 members of the Illuminati believed to be members of the group.

"Just think," said Fullford. "Illuminati said to have about 10,000 members. Meanwhile, the association has 6 million members. They have the names and addresses of 10,000 members that while the 10,000 members Illuminati Illuminati did not know anyone and where 6 million people."

If true association has 6 million members, then it means that these secret societies are secret societies in the world, consisting of Freemasonry than 5 million people.

Well, now we have a secret society with close ties to the Triad and Yakuza which has 100,000 professional assassins. If the Illuminati really exist and plan to reduce the population of the Asian race, it seems now they have to be more careful.