The Mysterious Sahara Desert

Mystery about the fierce desert was already widely known by the public. Mystery is what encourages the Michael Palin to prove its truth. Mystery Saharan though sounds scary, but never break the sema nomads who came from the many ways over the world who are challenged to conquer the desert or the Sahara. I've read a lot of information about this plus a complete visualization of the video adventures of Michael Palinlah who finally decided to share information about the myth of the desert light. African Sahara Desert The Sahara Desert Mysterious Hearing the word or some people call it the Sahara, our minds immediately drawn kenegara Middle East or Africa who have been very familiar. This makes me think sometimes. I live in this country during recent decades (Saudi Arabia) so tandusnya, mountains, sand, all the stones that do not allow the growth of green or jungle like in our country, but the Creator is so unfair. Let us look, in a country barren and arid who is buried incomparable wealth of the oil until golden mine who is the wealth of this country, in-between the rock of these mountains imaginable who grew cacti grow in the city of Ta'if. African Sahara desert The Mysterious City of Ta'if was very cold air over the top. Ta'if though cold air, but the average remained barren mountain. Plants that grow is cactus tree earlier. These trees include wild plants, thriving decorated and pretty flowers. I myself just found out that this cactus could actually bear fruit and the fruit is edible. The fruit is hanging on the edges of the leaves and finely barbed. The Arabs call this barsyuumi cactus fruit, cactus fruit is said to taste sweet, and many seeds just like guava seeds. In the visible can be argued that this form of fruit such as noni or pace as most people call it Java. Sahara desert vast earth was contained in a third region covers the earth. Desert is a vast area of ​​dry, sandy because of the low rainfall in the Sahara. Desert temperatures during the day was intense and could make the brain boil, supposedly because so hot, people used to bake bread desert with only buried in the sand and the bread will be cooked and the result is no less delicious than baked in the oven, the smell of fragrant aroma will be blown everywhere and stroked the nose of the travelers who happened to pass by. But ... .. darkness when the night before and getting older, very cold temperatures will drop, this is due to low humidity. In Australia alone stretch of desert is dominating the continent. It was a desert in Australia or Africa or the Middle East there is no much difference. Dry soil and rare plants, and if there is then more toch is a type of cactus or shrubs as noted by Mbakyu Scorties aka mabk Thia. In the animal kingdom Sahara usual rule is: heynas, gizzele, scorpions, snakes, wild dogs and certainly do not miss the camel that is the queen of the desert that hip-megol megal always sexy, and loaded back. Really imagine such an atmosphere even this was able to fly its own fantasy. Although it seems that the desert is a place not very promising but in reality, many people in the Middle East, Africa and some indigenous Australians who really enjoy living in the extent of pristine desert complete with desolation, aridity, and full of mystery. bedouin tribe of the Sahara Desert The Mysterious One of the famous tribes as a permanent resident is a desert Bedouin tribe, the tribe is famous for really tough and conquering the desert. In Africa, such as Somalia, Sudan, Kenya and others have also found tribes that settled in villages in the desert Read a book that tells the life of the desert community as to bring our dreams into a period of a hundred centuries ago, condensed with the myths that grow well in desert communities. Population of the desert would be so hard, muscles and bones seemed like an iron wire. Human tough resilient nature lunged ferociously. The livelihood of the desert is usually cattle herders, either sheep or camels. They generally live in tents made of skins. Call it how vital is the presence of camels in the Sahara, from the meat until the droppings can be used. Sahara Desert sand Sahara The Mysterious Apart from human life, it is said, to the layman who never go to the desert, will experience things that are considered unreasonable, the sound of wind roaring sound like a creepy giant, desert storm, the heat was terrible which can sometimes cause hallucinations, trick the eye with the appearance of a mirage, of a green oasis visible far royo-royo, but when approached it flat barren desert, or which from afar looks like a lake full of reassuring promise of fresh water, when approached extend only sand, and many more mysteries of the desert. Myth angkernya ferociously desert complete with camel spiders are said to be deadly, although in fact this is just kind of spider is deadly to animals such as camels, to the mythical kingdom of Jin with his army of super nggenggirisi and who like to disrupt the traveler, or the story of the bandits who wild do not hesitate to kill his victims, many stories about desert bandits. In Somalia or Ethiopia, there is a very famous group of bandits who do not hesitate to kill his victim who then left her body just rot in the desert. Anything else that is no less sinister laughter heynas who are starving, snakes full of poison, and ghost stories, making the heart curious anyone who has an adventurous spirit wants to prove its truth. The more dangerous the more Challenging.