Remember my friends with the story of miracles that Moses split the red sea with his stick? If one of my friends who thought the story was just a fable, now let us refer to the writings which I describe below. An archeologist named Ron Wyatt in late 1988, earlier claimed that he had found several carcasses of ancient chariot wheels towing a red. According to him, maybe this is the carcass of a drowned Pharaoh's chariots when used to its exterior TSB pursuing Moses and his followers. According to his testimony, but found a few dead horse chariot wheels, Wyatt with his crew also found some human bones and bone horses the same place. These findings certainly reinforced the notion that the remnants bones are part of the framework of the army of Pharaoh who drowned in the Red Sea. Moreover, the results of testing conducted at Stockholm University on a few remaining bones have been found, it is true that the structure and content of some old bones have been about 3500 years ago, which according to history, the chase scene that also occur in the same period. horse-drawn carriage shaft prophet Moses Moses Miracle axle of one of the carriages addition, there are also some interesting things were discovered, which is one of the axles of the carriage which is now a whole has been covered by rocks, so for now its original form very difficult to be seen clearly. Perhaps God is deliberately protecting this thing to show us all that miracles are revealed to him Nabi2 is a real thing and not a fabricated story. Among some of the train wreck earlier, also found a wheel with 4 spokes are made of gold. Apparently, this is the rest of the wheel carriage horse by Pharaoh the king. location of the prophet Moses crossing the Prophet Moses Miracles 

Now let us look at the picture above, circled in the map section (red circle), according to experts about the location therein where the Prophet Moses and his people crossed the Red Sea. Location of crossings is estimated to be in the Gulf of Aqaba at Nuweiba. The maximum depth of waters in the vicinity of the crossing is 800 meters on the side toward Egypt and 900 meters on the side toward the Arabs. Meanwhile in the north and south of the crossing trajectory (red line) depth reaches 1500 meters. The slope of the sea from Nuweiba to Aqaba Gulf at about 1 / 14 or 4 degrees, while that of the Gulf Arab Nuweiba inland about 1 / 10 or 6 degrees is estimated that the distance between Nuweiba to Arabia around 1800 meter.Lebar trajectory split the Red Sea is estimated to 900 meters. Can we imagine how much force is needed to be able to divide up the sea water has a track width of 900 meters with a distance of 1800 meters in depth waters rata2 reach hundreds of meters for a long time, considering the followers of Prophet Moses who historically numbered in the thousands? (According to other posts is expected to reach 7 km away, with the number of followers of the Prophet Moses, about 600,000 people and the time taken to cross about 4 hours). According to one calculation, the estimated required pressure (force per unit area) of 2.8 million Newton/m2 or equal to the pressure that we receive in the sea If you dive to a depth of 280 meters. If we associate with wind speed, according to some calculations, at least the required gusts of wind with a constant speed of 30 m / sec (108 km / h) throughout the night to be able to divide and maintain parts of the sea water within 4 hours! was incredible, God is great.