New Findings In the case of Jack the Ripper

After the sadistic murders of five prostitutes in London, known as Jack the Ripper case settles unresolved for more than 100 years, a new finding may reveal the true identity of Jack the Ripper. A new book published stating that Jack the Ripper which is connected to the serial killings is simply a creation of a journalist to sell news. Unsolved murders of five prostitutes in east London in 1888 has given rise to many theories over the identity of Jack the Ripper - with candidates such as Walter sickert artist, author of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll and even Queen Victoria's grandson, the Duke of Clarence. It is inevitable that this case is a hard blow for Scotland Yard who can not break this case up to more than 100 years. But now, historian Dr Andrew Cook claims to have to disassemble the whole theory by rejecting the opinion that the murder of five prostitutes has been committed by a killer course. In his book "Jack the Ripper - Case Closed", Dr. Cook stated that the name of Jack the Ripper first appeared in a letter of notification murders revealed by a local newspaper in which the letter was signed by the person who called himself Jack the Ripper. Dr.Cook argues that the letter is a creation of a journalist who are desperate to sell his newspaper. Dr.Cook also stated that the five prostitutes, Mary Nichols, Catherine Eddowes, Mary Kelly, Elizabeth Stride and Annie Chapman was killed by different people, including six other murder victims are often associated with Jack the Ripper. jack the ripper newspaper New Findings In the case of Jack the RipperDr.Cook claimed to have evidence from police and doctors at the time expressed doubts about the theory of a serial killer. A police officer at the time of the Whitechapel murders took place stated that he did not believe Mary Kelly was murdered by Jack the Ripper. Assistant police that five bodies were autopsied, Percy Clark told the newspaper the East London Observer in 1910, "I think maybe one killer was responsible for the deaths of three people from among them. But the other two did not. "This statement arises because the killer removing the inner organs of the three victims. The other two did not. But comments like this just be a drop in the ocean because the imagination of a maniac killer had penetrated into the mind at the time the British population. Dr.Cook showed that one daily newspaper in charge of the theory of Jack the Ripper is a new newspaper, The Star was launched at the time. After loading a letter that lists the name of the murder of Jack the Ripper, The Daily Star immediately became the best-selling newspaper at the time. The Star revealed the existence of a letter from a man named "Jack the Ripper" in the midst of a remarkable decline in circulation. A handwriting expert named Elaine Quigley is held by Dr.Cook to examine the letter stated that the handwriting in the letter exactly the same as one of the handwriting of The Star journalist Frederick Best. But the public already believes, and the concept of a vicious serial killer may have helped criminals escaped untouched originals.