Many people already know about the discovery of mini humanoid corpses in Chile. But only few know that 6 years earlier, a similar body was found in Russia.

For those who have never heard of mini humanoid from Chile, here's the story:

The discovery of mini humanoid in Chile
on October 1, 2002, while vacationing in the south of the Chilean city of Concepcion, a family finds something. Something that resembles a human cadaver. But length is only 7.2 cm. The bodies that have a large head, two arms with long fingers and two legs. The discovery was first reported by Mega News Service - a local news channel in the Santiago region.

According to preliminary evidence gathered and interviews conducted by a journalist named Rodrigo Ugarte, the bizarre creatures found in the bushes by one of the children during the holidays with his family. The boy took the object and wrap it with paper. The remarkable thing is the recognition of the child who said that the creature was still alive when found and had even opened his eyes. The creature was dead on the eighth day.

The discovery of mini humanoid Humanoid chili Mini in Russia and Chile

A few days after his death, the creature showed signs of decomposition and eventually mysteriously termumifikasi automatically.

Specialists from Chilean universities provide initial allegations that the creature is likely the fetus from local wild animals, like wild cats. But they have not been able to definitely determine the species of the creature. They plan to conduct DNA tests to find out.

Henriquez family who found the creature Carreno told reporters that the creature is at first pink, but soon changed to darker. Possibly because they store the bodies in the refrigerator.

After the discovery of the corpse, Carreno family often visited by the mediums, psychics and shamans. Some of them said that they managed to make telepathic contact with these creatures.

Until now Carreno Family still keep the corpse and there has been no serious effort on the part of scientists to examine the creature.

The discovery of mini humanoid in Russia
Six years earlier, Russia has digemparkan with the discovery of a similar creature. The discovery of "alien bodies" in Russia stems from reports that Georgian UFO Association (GUFORA). They claim that the Russian security agency (formerly the KGB) to save a human cadaver mini suspected as an alien in 1996. According to their report, an elderly woman who lived in the village Kashtim find one tiny creatures that lived when he was walking in his village in the Ural Mountains. He thought the creature was an abandoned baby. He brought her home to care for her.

The discovery of the Mini Humanoid aliens Russian in Russia and Chile

After two weeks of care for the creature, the woman became ill and rushed to the hospital. Fearing his secret was known, he did not tell anyone about the creature. The creature eventually dies. Finally, the woman told hospital officials also told about the discovery. The police immediately searched the area Kashtim woman's house and found the creature that has become a corpse. The incident occurred on August 13, 1996. The discovery of the corpse was filmed with a VHS video, and immediately conducted an investigation. The researchers used a beam of radiation to determine the type of creature, but showed signs of abnormal radiation equipment. High creature was about 25 cm. After the incident spread, the Russian security agencies soon came and seized the corpse. Until now, no official reports from the government about the discovery.

Many people speculated that the two above is a dead alien bodies. But as long as has not been revealed, certainty will still be floating.