Moon landing is a hoax of NASA

Now, nearly 34 years after Apollo 11 Space Shuttle return to Earth, many people believe everything that happens is that NASA simply a lie. In fact, NASA accused of falsifying a number of other space missions. Doubts on the Mars mission as if complete skepticism toward the landing of two U.S. astronauts on the moon using Apollo 11 flight. A series of allegations of widespread conspiracy theories. All of the successful landing of NASA on the moon man accused of being a lie and in fact has never landed or setting foot on the moon. In the outer layer of the earth's atmosphere are radiation fields are very dangerous. How could the astronauts with a thin layer of tin between the layers of clothes can astronauts safe from radiation. Even when the three astronauts appeared again after returning from space, look no tired faces like a long trip. Irregularities in the film or photograph that was launched on the NASA moon-landing dikuak some circles. The leading photographers questioned a number of key photographs taken by astronauts through a camera embedded in their chests. While lighting using natural light from the sun. Some images that NASA released a kind of flag United States (U.S.) flying, just below the surface of the moon landing module with no crater, and the difference in vehicle wheel paths and footprints, it appears difficult to explain. Oddity seen in a number of photographs showing the shadow objects that intersect. It was impressive there are many sources of light and deny the sun as the only source of light in the moon. One of the photos that criticized the photo in which Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin stands with the sun shining on the upper left shoulder. However, it seems too much detail is shown to the right side that should be exposed to dark shadows. That part is supposed to be darker and less visible, given the contrast between light and dark on the moon is greater. In addition, the absence of atmosphere that would block the light on the moon, all photographs should look bright, firm and clear. However, beneath the soil surface would gradually Aldrin dark, an effect that theoretically should not happen in months. NASA certainly quibble quibble, the effects of the lack of color that can occur because the film is less able to adjust to than the human eye. In addition, objects on the moon seemed to get darker if getting away from the camera. Then another gaffe is strange objects that bounce off the helmet Aldrin. Some scientists estimate it is a helicopter, while others suspect it is 12 meters tall glass building. While NASA claimed it was part of the moon landing equipment. Another mistake from the same photo is Aldrin in a position facing the camera and the background of the sun. Oddly enough the astronaut helmet looks bright. The photo shows the landing module on the moon did not show any craters that should occur on the lunar surface. Crater (if any) that characterize hard spray flames from jet engine landing. Even if it really happened landing on the moon, the dust will fly, including covering the legs of lander tracking. Unfortunately, the photos show the legs of the vehicle is clean. That looks just piles of dust that may fly over the landing. This surprisingly is also seen in the photo Apollo 11 landing. Footprints visible just below the landing module, even though there has not been anyone who walked in there before the plane landed Ulak shuttle. Another question is why are the words "United States" are clearly visible where supposed to be a shadow. While Aldrin himself had earlier said there was no reflection of light on the moon. It proves the existence of other light sources used in image capture. Neil Armstrong was also reportedly heard voices Azan on the Moon. It could be he was just orbiting the Earth when the film was shown which had been prepared. When he was at a point above the Earth's surface, along with the arrival time of prayer, so naturally he heard the call to prayer because it was still in the Earth's atmosphere. Experts suspect pemgambilan photographic image is taken in the studio or image is already in-retouch. A number of photographs taken from several Apollo mission space shuttle never showed any starlight. The absence of atmosphere on the moon should make the star visible. The fact was confirmed Maria Blyzinsky, a curator of astronomy at the Observatory Greenwich, London. He estimates, NASA does not seem to create the heavens in their studio, so chose to darken the back. However, NASA has said the absence of light the moon because the sun is too strong to eliminate light from the star. Some evidence from observation of photos of the Apollo landing missions have been expressed by various parties, but the U.S. did not budge and instead will continue their mission on the moon. Even U.S. President George W. Bush recently launched a new vision of U.S. space exploration ru. His vision, among others, want the program to the moon for at least the year 2015 or no later than 2020. The program will be used as a springboard for more ambitious missions. Bush wants a series of robotic missions to the moon - similar to the Spirit that visited Mars - to explore the lunar surface at least early 2008. The mission was to research and prepare for human exploration there. U.S. even launched a manned exploration to the moon in 2015 with the aim of human menampatkan for a longer time. NASA is projected to earn additional funds worth 12 billion U.S. dollars in order to realize the program. Will the next step toward the moon brings springboard for human civilization? Or go further and must be covered lie another lie? For example the star wars program (Star Wars) was initiated by President Ronald Reagan. It turned out that the program is only nonsense that it is impossible to be realized.
More about: Neil Armstrong to the moon? just a lie .. In the past, when many rumors that the landing on the Moon by NeilArmstrong it never existed, I am not so sure. Likewise, when a friend told me that the Apollo XI Middle didaratkan'diTimur, hence the call to prayer heard Neil sayup2 landed right there, I also do not believe. When I watch the Aerospace Museum in Washington, DC - I am even more convinced that the landing on the Moon benar2 real. Because there is described (complete pictures) approach to be up to 4x! (Between 1969-1973). Last night, my beliefs changed. In FOX-5 TV show last night indicated the facts of how the "trick" was a lot of super weakness and kengawurannya.
For example: - The movement of the astronauts and vehicles used on the Moon, they are completely invisible in the anti-gravity vacuum (clearly visible after the movement was accelerated 2x and 4x) - American Flag on the Moon that is visible in the photograph fluttering (though there is no atmosphere on the moon, how come there is no wind?) - There is a physics expert who said that, until now (the present-denganteknologi too!) He was not sure people will be free from the influence of radiation in outer space vacuum. Material that is now 'not' guarantee to protect the body from it supported the testimony of former Skylab crew Russia who gave a reason why Russia never send crews to the space outside the atmosphere) .- Photographs NASA tested by expert photography proved to be a fake photo (many distinguished bukti2 dibuat2) - The image of the astronaut photos / Apollo XI looks at many points (spots) which means the use of lighting "from multiple sources / angle, while the light source on the Moon should be only from the direction of the Sun (SUN). - Even more surprising, there are many astronauts who sacrificed (killed) because he knew too much and a lot of talk (vocals). Detectives are also investigating the death under mysterious circumstances in a car accident, while bukti2 it collects in a mysterious suitcase missing until now.
Simplenya like this: Are you confident with computer technology - what program to use it? - And telecommunications at that time (in 1969), it can be so great to control the landing directly (live!) from Earth. Meanwhile, when Apollo I, which failed to glide and kill all its astronauts, had failed tests because the communications control room and the astronauts are not "connected".
The astronauts vocals finally 'killed' it says this: how would the communication to the Moon, inter-building communication (inter-room only) you can not make it with either Tragic is not it! Strange, spokesman for NASA still have the heart-how could also insist that proposed orang2 alasan2 distinguished above does not make sense.
Their argument, if indeed it was a fraud - all the time anyway / NASA employees and those involved in this project (by the hundreds of thousands), how could dibodohin all? Does that make sense? Critics of NASA (a few people who used to criticize was also 'in-Kopassus' a) challenge: if it's really been to the moon, try to be super-precise telescope to see that bekas2 landing (car astronauts and an American flag that was left on the Moon) ? Until now, this is not going to make the telescope project. It's known, says the critic, is very easy to make a film super-sophisticated (read: large-scale fraud) if the fund U.S. $ 40 Billions! Meanwhile, the answer is probably still must we wait patiently until 2 (years) ahead. Reportedly the Japanese scientists have launched space vehicle to photograph the lunar surface in detail. Whether it will be found "wreckage" 2 former landing Neil Armstrong, et al and the American flag, the Stars Spangled Banner, which berkibar2 with stout that? Let's see the results of tracking the Japanese scientists. Apparently, only the Japan / Japanese That cans say "NO"!, To the biggest fraud in the history of human life.