Lie of America

Jerry D Gray "The Real Truth": Dismantle Lies 
Amerika,From: Editorial February 17, 2005 - 3:00 pm 

What a strange events of September 11 
"Notice how smooth and grass in front of 
Pentagon. Not an inch of damage 
seen, How is that possible? All witnesses 
each understand the news media matching. 
The plane hit the ground first, then 
slide hit the building. Note the picture above! 
What more need be said. The mass media lie 
against actual events. Why? " 

Once the heart cry of Jerry D. Gray, a former member of the AD 
Americans who later embraced Islam (Read the article 
Jerry "Abdurrahman" Get Hidayah at Arabian Gray 
Arabia), has long lived in Indonesia and 
marry a wife from Garut, in his book when 
he felt called to straighten everything 
Happenings preaching the collapse of the Pentagon on 11 
September 2001 earlier. : Swf 

"We know that nearly 90 percent of the mass media in the U.S. is 
Jewish property. So no wonder if they're lying, " 
Jerry said at the launch and surgical his book, 
at Masjid Al 'Araf, Walisongo, Jakarta, Sunday, 19 
December 2004. 

Jerry, a journalist (cameraman), who is also former 
This aircraft mechanic, had kissed irregularities 
11 September 2001 tragedy that destroyed the tower 
World Trade Centre in New York, he gathered the facts 
from existing sources, then arrange them carefully, 
expose the lies of America through 
spectacular findings. 

As is known so far, the attack on the towers 
WTC and the Pentagon conducted by the terrorist group Al 
Qaeda and the brain or intellectual actor iaiah Osama 
bin Laden. Establishment of global opinion has been 
lasted for three years so that the impact 
was also in Indonesia as a 
vile accusations as if a terrorist 
are in this country. 

In the preface of the book, Suripto SH, Chairman of the Board 
Advisory Institute for Defense and Strategic Studies 
Indonesia (LESPERSSI), also a member of Commission I 
and former Kabak said, Septernber 11 tragedy 
that brought down the WTC and the Pentagon is impossible 
conducted by the Network of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin 
Laden. According Suripto, terrorist acts 
such a neat and sophisticated can only be done by 
so-called terorisrne state (State 

"Only the state terrorism that has the capability 
to perform acts of terror, supported by 
state facilities; the form of budget support are great, 
supported by intelligence organizations and 
using the official propaganda machine (the government). 
History has proved ever state terrorism 
carried out by Hitler in Germany, Stalin in the Soviet Union, 
Mussolini in Italy, Pol Pot in Cambodia, and Suharto 
in Indonesia, "said a member of Parliament from the MCC initegas. 

In carrying out his terror machine, the U.S. uses weight 
USIS CIA intelligence and institutions - now named 
AGE. One of propaganda on a global level 
U.S. used is CNN. And CNN's live viewing 
of events 11 / 9 strong impression is part 
from the activities of state terrorism which is actually 
a scenario of Bush by condemning acts of terror 
WTC and the Pentagon. So the news class 
CNN aired it, including the category Black 
Propaganda, throwing stones to hide the hand. 

The operation was prepared carefully, with 
short-term goals, medium term and even 
long. The purpose and objective short-term goals 
is to arouse hatred of the American people 
and its allies against the Muslims who are labeled 
"Terrorists", to build a global opinion about the presence of enemy 
joint that must be fought, such as greeting Bush 
after the events of 11 / 9: "If you are not 
with us, you're against us. " 

Developing slogans American Dream, Bad Dream World. 
The slogan is very aptly describes America 
today. Re-election of George W Bush 
confirmed the above slogan, given its promise to 
continue the war against 'terrorism' which 
addressed to Islam. In fact, the tragedy. New WTC 
York 11 September 2001 still meninggalkah many 
mystery and it remains unclear who was responsible. 
Meanwhile, the American who called for war against 
terrorism; freely even rnembuat terror, 
especially in countries, such as Muslim 
Afghanistan, Palestine (via the Jewish-Israeli), Iraq 
and Sudan. In Fallujah and other cities in Iraq, 
even the mosques in Fallujah, continue bombarded 
by American troops. 

On the forum of the world, with its mastery of the media, 
America continues to make a lie by lie. 
American thought, the people of the world so easily 
lied, including their own community. Until now 
This, lie still happening! (Amanah online) 

Lies come in and lie was exposed. 
That's the conclusion of this book. 

Book Title: The Real Truth The Hard Evidence Exposed 
Author: Jerry D. Gray 
Publisher: Synergy (Publisher Gema Group Insanity) 
Thickness viii + 118halaman 

Jerry D Gray: What a strange events of September 11 
Jerry D Gray remember well the events that happened 
September 11, 2001. At that time, a former cameraman 
Freelance CNBC Asia is being engrossed in surfing the 
Internet. Suddenly the phone rang at his side. 
"Turn on the television set now!" Thus the sound of a voice 
on the other end. 

The call came from Jerry's mother who was 
located in Wisconsin, USA. Jerry himself 
settled in Jakarta - he had long lived in the city 
this since the 80s. At the sound of nervous 
his mother, without a thought for long, he was soon 
turn on the television. 

Saw tense atmosphere after the explosion of tower 
twin World Trade Center (WTC) in New York, due to 
hit two wide-bodied aircraft. Incident 
was broadcast live by a stasun 
foreign television and distributed to all parts 
world. Necessarily, Jerry raging heart, sad 
and angry to see a lot of innocent people 
become victims. Imagined citizens in the countries where 
absurdly frantic birth. 

That was the beginning of events that became known 
as the tragedy of 11 September 2001. An incident 
that still leaves the sad story. No 
only for the families of those left behind, but 
also communities of Muslims around the world. Some 
time after U.S. authorities hold 
investigation, the suspected terrorist groups in the 
Middle East are behind the incident. Because 
Middle East region is identical with the religion of Islam, as well as 
world's attention was immediately drawn to Islam as well as 
its adherents. 

Western mass media with all reporting 
momentum to make it as a means to strip the 
completely about Islam. Once the incessant news 
about the events of September 11 and Islam itself, 
until not infrequently - as is feared most 
Muslims - the Western media often cornered race 

It was also then make Jerry upset. 
Based on the observations and the observations of 
images of the actual news and information, man 
U.S. origin is felt that many of the irregularities and the fact 
hidden by the government and 
U.S. mass media-related events of 11 September last. 
Moreover, later, Muslims mounted as 
"Defendant" in this incident. 

But, why Jerry felt uneasy with the news 
corner of the Western media against Islam? 
Do not look at him from his name. Jerry, or rather 
Haji Jerry, have become Muslims since 1984. Coming home 
perform the pilgrimage, he pocketed a new name, H 

As a Muslim, a man born in Wiesbaden Germany, 24 
September 1960, it was sliced by his heart with 
allegations without foundation about Muslim involvement 
in the WTC tragedy. Days later, the time 
like it had been to follow the news 11 September 
through print, television, and internet. But 
over time, based on experience as a journalist 
television, he saw a lot of weirdness and 
awkwardness over the incident. 

Early suspicions are, how CNN can be so 
quickly set up a live broadcast 11 September to 
the whole world? From his experience when assisting 
preparation of a private television station broadcast on 
Jakarta, most did not take 20 minutes to 
set of equipment for broadcasting purposes directly 

It is said, the time span between the incidence of crash 
The first and second crash incident was no more than 18 
minutes. "However, CNN has been able to show 
direct the second collision incident in just over 
less than 18 minutes from the first collision, "he said 
fluent in the Indonesian language. Jerry assume, 
This situation which is impossible in 
normal conditions. "Unless CNN has indeed been 
know the plan until the events can be 
first prepare all the equipment, " 
he added. 

Since then, the mind and his soul continues scourged 
turmoil. Until finally, he decided, that 
as a man he could not remain silent and 
not doing anything about this discrepancy. 
The needs of the many outways the needs of the few, 
that principle. So, Jerry also began a 
research on all images, news, photos, 
and videos related to that tragic event. 

From there the abundance peculiarities and strangeness 
he managed to find on the facts of the 11th 
September. Everything was then poured in a 
book called The Hard Evidence Exposed! The Real 
9-11 Truth. One of the conclusions in the book as thick 
116 pages is: actually there is something more 
great behind the 11th of September 2001. 

Jerry introduction to Islam occurred in Saudi Arabia 
80s. At that time he served as a mechanic 
U.S. Air Force aircraft as well as an instructor in New Arabia 
Mechanics. Initially, he admitted reluctantly went into Arabic 
Arabia because of fear with the Arabs and Islam. 
But whatever the reason, the task still can not be denied. 
However, after all this time, concern 
not proven. Instead, he saw people 
Islam is far from the impression of a terrorist. "They really love 
God, always five daily prayers, fasting and doing 
many more, "he recalls. 

Her curiosity toward the Islamic religion also becoming 
increases. Jerry then began to dare to ask about 
Islam to his fellow Muslim. 
Until then, a colleague who comes from 
Yemen brought Koran translation 
English. "I also read the translation, 
and immediately after reading one paragraph - I forget the name 
verse - do not realize I was crying, "said Jerry. 

After reading three or four verses later, Jerry was 
does not take long to conclude that what 
written in the Koran is true. 
But until then, he claimed not intend to enter 
Islam, just curious. Several months 
Next, invite a colleague from Indonesia 
he told a teacher of religion. "I told 
teacher, I do not want to convert to Islam, but teachers 
The lecture and asked him to come listen 
reading the Qur'an in its place. " 

Returning from there, Jerry was a lot of pensive. His heart 
smoldering. Arriving at the house he went into the room 
and re-read translation of the Qur'an 
former colleagues. Since then, the guidance comes 
to him who set his intention to convert to Islam. 
After his tenure in Saudi Arabia ended, he did not 
back to the U.S., but decided to move to Indonesia. In 
Jakarta, a former U.S. Air Force mechanic was then 
wrestle world of television journalism. 

Now, after success with his book, Jerry harder 
to monitor the news and information about 
Islam. Not only that, its activities were growing 
with the activity of preaching in the mosques and the Majlis 
taklim around Greater Jakarta. To the brothers and sisters 
Muslims, he tells a lot about the glorious Islamic 
and its findings. 

He also often deliver short messages, but 
effective. "In short, Muslims must show 
his face was friendly and peace loving. Do not react 
excessive because that's what middle-awaited 
by the Western media for picking on us, " 
he said. 

Jerry D. Gray 
Birth: Wiesbaden, 24 September 1960 
- U.S. Air Force aircraft mechanic 
- Diving instructor 
- CNBC Asia freelance cameraman 
Name of wife: Ratna Komala 
Child's name: Adam 

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