Avro Canada - a failed project ufo

Suspicion is growing again after attempts by the United States and Canada to create a disc-shaped aircraft after World War II ended. In 1953, an airline named Avro Canada announced that they are developing VZ-9-AV Avrocar, a jet plane that is believed capable of reaching speed of 2400 km / hour.
But this test plane fail continuously until finally the project was halted total in 1961 after spending 10 million dollars of funds.
German engineer Georg Klein of claiming that this flight technology is the work of Nazi Germany.

Nazi and Antarctica Nazi ufo real legend is not something extraordinary. This story becomes remarkable when a writer named Ernst Zündel wrote a book titled "UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapons?". In the book he wrote that after the end of World War II, Hitler managed to escape to Antarctica and made ufo's headquarters there. Zündel written story very closely related to the Hollow Earth theory that some people believed. Moreover, nazi ever claim to the territory of New Swabia in Antarctica as belonging to Germany and send an expedition to that place in 1938.
Zündel story became very popular and to this day, many believed that Hitler was secretly in recent ufo lively appearance after world war II. But of course this story does not have the facts and evidence at all. Especially after it emerged that Zündel sell tickets for exploration to the Antarctic costing $ 9,999 to find the entrance to Hollow Earth.
Then there are more claims of Vladimir Terziski, a Bulgarian engineer who said that Germany along with Italy and Japan have built a joint headquarters in Antarctica and continue working on their secret project from there. He also said that Germany had successfully landed on the moon in 1942 and built a secret base there.
Nazi ufo - between imagination and reality It seems people have a habit of cult leaders who are considered kharusmatik world, and because there are writers such as Zündel and Terziski, then our memory will be met by Hitler myths that are unfounded.
But about the ufo nazi, nazi I believe that could have reached such a technology. Moreover, if we read the history that the success of Russian and American space technology was assisted by German scientists who moved to the country.
That said, according to the motivators, those who have the ambition will be able to achieve many things, no matter whether the ambition is based on good intentions or bad intentions.